‘F*CK LAWYERS!’: Hill Dickinson’s office daubed with rude graffiti

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International outfit’s HQ targeted by vandals

A building home to some of Hill Dickinson’s top legal minds has been targeted by lawyer-hating vandals.

Using what looks like black spray-paint, someone has scrawled “FUCK LAWYERS!” at the main entrance of the international law firm’s Liverpool headquarters. The office — in No.1 St. Paul’s Square building — is the workplace of about 700 Hill Dickinson staff.

Tweeting an image of the rude daubing earlier today, 1 King’s Bench Walk’s Philip Marshall QC said: “Ah yes. Feel the love….”.

Legal Cheek understands that the firm was one of a number of businesses targeted in the area over the weekend, including banks. A spokesperson for Hill Dickinson told us:

We are aware of the graffiti and are currently in the process of removing it.

Fortunately the legal Twitterati didn’t take the anti-lawyer scribble too personally. Julian Young, a solicitor-advocate specialising in criminal law, questioned the vandal(s)’ motive, tweeting:

Elsewhere, Dr Jennifer Kavanagh — a self-confessed “law nerd” — suggested lawyers could spin this into a positive.

Finally, one Twitter user couldn’t resist pointing out that the culprit may be requiring the services of a lawyer very soon.

This isn’t the first time the legal profession has been on the receiving end of a spray-paint can. Last month 31-year-old Puya Nasr Esfahani was banned from the High Court after he was found guilty on one charge of criminal damage for vandalising the historic court’s stonework.

One spray-painted message read, “Accept Bribe All the time” (sic), while another said, “if you dont pay we will Kill you” (sic). A further line stated, “who ever pays will be happy.”

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Poor Hill Dickinson. As if they were even proper lawyers to deserve such harsh treatment.


Jones Day Partner

I agree! 😍


Jones Day Partner too

Our support staff often do.



Yes… apparently as long as they’re alive (or at least still warm) they’ll do just fine.



10/10 Delicious Bantah Sir.



Do fuck the lawyers. We are delicious.



I’ve had it said to me on more than one occasion



Hahaha imagine the internal email:

“Dear Staff (who haven’t left yet or been made redundant),

As you are aware, explicit graffiti has been written on our building. Although this isn’t a good example, as it is not in formal style, we have however been referred to as lawyers, so we are currently in talks with various legal gossip websites to gain positive media attention from this occasion in the hope that our rankings increase.

Bear with us at this exciting time.
[PS – no toilet breaks still]



Top legal minds. . . Hill Dickinson, really?


Jason Spencer

Fook orf – It takes intelligence to earn our £49.99 per hour road traffic accident defence fees.


Jason Spencer

‘International Outfit HQ’? – you make them sound……like they are based somewhere other than….er…..Liverpool.

Did Peter Jackson write this?


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