‘F*CK LAWYERS!’: Hill Dickinson’s office daubed with rude graffiti

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By Thomas Connelly on

International outfit’s HQ targeted by vandals

A building home to some of Hill Dickinson’s top legal minds has been targeted by lawyer-hating vandals.

Using what looks like black spray-paint, someone has scrawled “FUCK LAWYERS!” at the main entrance of the international law firm’s Liverpool headquarters. The office — in No.1 St. Paul’s Square building — is the workplace of about 700 Hill Dickinson staff.

Tweeting an image of the rude daubing earlier today, 1 King’s Bench Walk’s Philip Marshall QC said: “Ah yes. Feel the love….”.

Legal Cheek understands that the firm was one of a number of businesses targeted in the area over the weekend, including banks. A spokesperson for Hill Dickinson told us:

We are aware of the graffiti and are currently in the process of removing it.

Fortunately the legal Twitterati didn’t take the anti-lawyer scribble too personally. Julian Young, a solicitor-advocate specialising in criminal law, questioned the vandal(s)’ motive, tweeting:

Elsewhere, Dr Jennifer Kavanagh — a self-confessed “law nerd” — suggested lawyers could spin this into a positive.

Finally, one Twitter user couldn’t resist pointing out that the culprit may be requiring the services of a lawyer very soon.

This isn’t the first time the legal profession has been on the receiving end of a spray-paint can. Last month 31-year-old Puya Nasr Esfahani was banned from the High Court after he was found guilty on one charge of criminal damage for vandalising the historic court’s stonework.

One spray-painted message read, “Accept Bribe All the time” (sic), while another said, “if you dont pay we will Kill you” (sic). A further line stated, “who ever pays will be happy.”

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