KWM 2.0 touts paralegal roles to trainees who had training contract offers cancelled

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International giant’s new incarnation is on a recruitment drive

King & Wood Mallesons’ (KWM) new London office is touting paralegal roles to aspiring lawyers who secured training contract offers with the old firm, but had these offers cancelled when it went under.

Earlier this year and after much speculation, KWM’s beleaguered Europe, UK & the Middle East (EUME) arm finally entered into administration. However, thanks to a rescue mission first revealed by Legal Cheek, all the firm’s 60 or so stranded trainees were taken on elsewhere.

The same however could not be said for the now defunct outfit’s future trainees. Having had their training contract offers rescinded, KWM’s now ex-future trainees are having to undertake the dreaded application process all over again.

Fast forward several months, and the firm’s global incarnation is now encouraging the same group of wannabe lawyers to apply for trainee roles paralegal positions at its new London office, which opened just a day after KWM EUME formally entered into administration. This is possible because China-led KWM Global has always been a separate legal entity to KWM EUME.

A spokesperson for KWM 2.0 (not the firm’s official name) told Legal Cheek:

We have contacted UK-based trainees who had been offered roles at the legacy KWM EUME firm to invite them to paralegal for our new firm. We wanted to first reach out to those impacted by the administration before going to market. We have had a number of applications, all of which we are interviewing.

Probed as to why the firm — which is based in new digs at Octagon Point, St Paul’s — didn’t offer training contracts, the spokesperson continued:

We are not in a position to comment any further at this stage regarding training contracts because, being a new firm, it is only right and proper that we assess how best to meet our own and potential future trainee needs.

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Same turd, different name



Joining them again, even after how they treated the trainees…



Sceptical hippo eyes



I hope the ex-future trainees have some self-respect and tell those cunts to kindly fuck off.






What is it now? 20,000 new law undergrads every year? all going for about 5500 TC’s and 300 Pupillages. Awful as they may be, the second coming of KWM isn’t going to be starving for applicants.

Whether the new hires stick around is another question.



I’m a lesbian and I enjoy reading this.



Tommy also busy reading RoF this morning…



Right down to even lifting the quotes from KWM 2.0!



Does anyone know how many future trainees managed to “bag” another training contract and how many are still suffering ?


Ex KWM Future Trainee - Now Future Trainee at a US firm

I actually haven’t received this e-mail…

I know of 7 others who have got offers elsewhere but there may be more.


Invited to KWM

Yeah… No.


Confused future KWM Trainee

Just got back from building a school in the remotest part of Senegal for 6 months and have been off grid news wise..

What the heck has happened to KWM? I was supposed to start as a trainee there in September!



KWM 2.0 office canteen only serves pea soup


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