Lawyers bringing defamation lawsuit against BuzzFeed use clickbait headline in official court document

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Exhibit 41 is a picture of a kitten

Lawyers bringing a defamation claim on behalf of a Russian businessman against news website BuzzFeed have included a clickbait-style headline in an official court document.

Earlier this year, BuzzFeed published a leaked dossier about President Donald Trump’s relationship with Russia. Containing a number of unverified and salacious allegations, the report also seemingly falsely claimed that Aleksej Gubarev — a Russian technology executive — was involved in Russian hacking against the Democratic Party.

Unhappy that he had been name-checked in the report, Gubarev, via his Boston-based lawyers — Evan Fray-Witzer, Valentin Gurvits and Brady J. Cobb — commenced legal action against the media giant.

Now, much to Legal Cheek’s amusement, Gubarev’s lawyers have filed a document which appears to give BuzzFeed a taste of its own clickbait medicine. The title of the court document, which is in response to the website’s application to have the matter moved to a New York court, states: “Six Ways BuzzFeed Has Misled the Court (Number Two Will Amaze You)… And a Picture of a Kitten.”

Court document featuring clickbait headline

And yes, the official court document — in a hat tip to BuzzFeed’s love of all things cute a cuddly — does actually included a photograph of a kitten (pictured below). Listed as ‘Exhibit 41’, the unnamed feline purportedly belongs to Gubarev’s lawyer Fray-Witzer.

Fray-Witzer’s kitten

The 22-page court document goes on to discuss non-kitten related matters such as jurisdiction and trial location. A spokesperson for BuzzFeed said:

We’re surprised by the plaintiffs’ desire to make light of this matter, and we are confident in our motion to dismiss Mr Gubarev’s suit.

Read the court document in full below:

The exhibits can be found here.

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Does not know Katie King

Can’t wait for the first claim form against LC. “Top legal news site Legal Cheek…”



No one would every describe LC as “top”, not even LC itself.



Great news for common sense and decency. It’s about time HeebFeed went the same way as Gawker.



Say I am an anti-Semite.


Sally Simpleton

It’s good that the law has adopted a more human face.




I would type something derogatory about their drafting but won’t due to fear of suit.



American lawyers can’t draft. They seem to teach them in ‘law school’ to use ten words when one will do.



BUZZFEED ……. another George Soros pile of SH-T


Fred Freud

I would love to see BuzzFeed sued into bankruptcy.



buzfeed is sh*t. a bunch of pretentious pseudo-intellectuals “writing” articles about complete non-issues (and I put the word writing in quotation marks because they use more ‘hilarious’ gifs than actual words)


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