Research: Law is more boring than IT

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By Katie King on

81% of lawyers are bored at work, compared to just 56% of computer whizzes

Law has been named the most dull sector to work in, with 81% of people in “legal jobs” admitting they are bored at work.

To put this into perspective, just 45% of those working in research & development said the same. In education, it was a 50/50 split, while just 56% of IT workers were willing to confess their boredom.

At the top end of the stale sector charts, and tailing just behind law, was project management (78%), then support functions (71%) and finance control (68%).

So what is it that has lawyers pulling out their hair with boredom? Alongside the very dry subject matter, legal professionals are known for working extremely long hours. Research by Legal Cheek shows that some trainees and junior solicitors at top firms do not leave the office floor until past 9pm.

While this news may have lawyers running for the door, take solace in the knowledge that the United Kingdom is home to comparatively few bored employers.

The data — which came from 1,300 employees and was published by employment specialist Emolument — shows that the United Arab Emirates has the most spiritless staff, with 83% admitting they are bored at work. The UK, however, has just 64%, meaning only France (58%) and Switzerland (51%) kept us away from the very bottom of the table.

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