Burges Salmon posts perfect 100% retention score

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All 28 newbies have committed their future to the Bristol-based outfit

Some of Burges Salmon’s new lawyers

Burges Salmon has unveiled a perfect 100% retention score.

The Bristol-headquartered outfit today confirmed that all 28 trainees due to qualify this September had, despite still being over four months away from qualifying, put pen to paper on solicitor contracts.

The newly-qualified (NQ) associates will be spread across a range of key practice areas including real estate, disputes and litigation, employment, construction and engineering, commercial, corporate, and pensions.

As can be seen in Legal Cheek’s Most List, the firm’s NQs will have billing targets of 1,450 hours each year to aim for and will pocket a £47,000 salary for their efforts.

Today’s result gives the outfit an impressive retention average of 92% over the last three years — a solid 91% in 2014 (20/22), 100% in 2015 (24/24) and 85% in 2016 (23/27). Unlike other large firms, Burges Salmon, which offers up to 30 training contacts annually, has just one trainee intake each year.

Commenting on this year’s result, chief people officer at Burges Salmon Robert Halton said:

It’s wonderful news that all of our trainees will be staying with us when they qualify in September. This reflects their hard work and commitment during their training and the support of so many other members of the firm. Our trainees and apprentices are important contributors to the continued success of Burges Salmon

Burges Salmon was one of the standout performers in Legal Cheek’s 2016 Trainee and Junior Lawyer Survey. Bagging a plethora of A*s, the firm won the ‘Trainee and Junior Lawyer Firm of the Year 2017’ gong at our glitzy awards ceremony last month.

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Doc. Ludvig Friedrich Von Lowenstein

Experimental Mind Control Programme?



£47k goes much further in Brizzle than Londonistan.



It goes further. ‘Much further’ might be stretching it, though – it certainly doesn’t justify the 20k+ gap. The target hours go further toward justifying it.


Impoverished Londer

I’d say much further.

You can get a pint in Bristol for £3something. In the city I regularly pay £6something. I rent because I spend all my money on expensive holidays and go out all the time. In Bristol I imagine you can rent a reasonable place for £600 a month. My rent is almost double that. I suppose it is cheaper for me to get to the London airports, but I assume that Bristol folk are happy to spend their holidays in Weston-Super-Mare.


Jolo QC

Not bad. I’ll be getting 100% of the vote when I stand for Parliament



Are the London NQs also on 47k? Assuming they have NQs in London..?


The Cheesy One

Sounds a bit fishy


KK Fan Club

How many of the NQs are men? If there are any in the qualifiers Burges Salmon must be publically shamed as sexists.



Valid point. If none of them are disabled they are also prima facie discriminating too.


Jones Day Partner

Quite a lot of dark tights being sported. Hm.


Jones Day Managing Partner

You’re supposed to clearing your desk. You’re spoiling this firm’s good name with all these non suggestive posts.


Jones Day Partner

Your days as managing partner are finished. There is a coup going on right now.


Jones Day Managing Partner

It will fail. I’ve barricaded myself in my office with my favourite trainee Tony Montana style. Take your best shot cockroaches!

Jones Day Partner

Let’s cut a deal. We abandon the coup, you don’t fire me and I get the trainee for an hour?

Jones Day Managing Partner

If we share the trainee for the hour and you make only innuendo laden posts then we have a deal.


It’s 49k!


Tim NicebutDim

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Jones Day Partner




This post has been removed because it breached Legal Cheek’s comments policy.



Suitable office attire!?


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