Cambridge law student launches Lord Denning-inspired search engine

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It seeks to draw on spirit of great judge through artificial intelligence

A final year Cambridge University undergraduate has launched a new legal search engine called DenninX that’s specially tailored to law students.

Ludwig Konrad Bull’s venture uses artificial intelligence-derived processes to conduct research in a new way that, like the great judge Lord Denning, “does not follow orthodoxy and tradition”.

So quirky is DenninX that it even includes a ‘Today’s Memes’ section featuring a host of legal funnies.

Speaking to Legal Cheek, Bull said that “Denning had a different take to analysing legal problems, which in my personal opinion revealed some interesting things.” He continued:

DenninX is similar in that sense — instead of regurgitating information that people already have about case law, it provides a different take through various AI metrics.

The search engine, which is free and can be accessed here, apparently flags the most important parts of judgments, while also showing references to the searched case over time and calculating its similarity to other cases.

It’s these features, says Bull, that makes DenninX particularly suited to law students. He told us:

It was my experience of the problems law students face that led me to start this. I didn’t have the sort of information provided by DenninX when I wanted to prepare for an essay or an exam.

Denning meets Google?

Bull is part of the group of Cambridge students who launched legal chatbot LawBot last year. He says that his coding and developer skills are entirely self-taught, with DenninX created via a mixture of open source software and online video tutorials.

Currently the project only supports 2,000 cases, but Bull is aiming to dramatically increase this number to 20,000 by the summer. To that end he is looking for volunteers to help him.

As for his own plans, despite completing work experience at Dentons and Allen & Overy, Bull says he isn’t seeking a training contract and instead hopes to forge a long term career in legal technology.

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Watch the DenninX launch video here

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Well done. Put in on your CV.



Wow, good start, hope it will benefit Law students in a meaningful way!



Any excuse to try to flog the 10 boxes of T-shirts gathering dust in Alex’s shed.



This guy sounds like a barrell of laughs.


A Dyslexic ... who once said he was Dyspeptic by accident

Alex, your sentence structure is terrible: ‘It seeks to draw on spirit of great judge through artificial intelligence’ …. you must try harder as my pupil supervisor says to me.


Jones Day Partner

I always advise my trainees to try to make me harder.



Jones Day Partner …. you should start a blog it would be hilarous


Jones Day Partner

I would but I don’t want to prejudice my litigation against the author of 50 Shades of Grey over stealing from my “Day in a Life” section on the firm’s grad recruitment pages.



I understand the dilemma, perhaps it could be your retirement plan.


It’s called a standfirst.



It’s an interesting idea, although I’d suggest that picking out the ‘most important part of the judgement’ doesn’t allow you to get a flavour of the judge’s overall arguments. Half of the skill of legal research is being able to identify the important parts yourself.






Urgh, what a nerd.



On their website I see they are recruiting for a lot of positions. I wonder where they got the funding from. Also, as a free service, I wonder how they will monetize it eventually.

Very good idea though, and quite well executed (so far).


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