BPP criminal law exam delayed by over an hour due to shortage of question papers

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Exclusive: GDL-ers were told to remain in their seats while the problem was resolved

A BPP Law School exam was delayed by over an hour because there weren’t enough question papers to go around.

The criminal law assessment, sat by some of BPP’s Graduate Diploma in Law (GDL) students on Monday, was due to start at 10:30am. However, Legal Cheek can reveal that the exam didn’t get underway until just after 11:30am, more than one hour later, due to a shortage of exam question papers.

One BPP student who sat the exam at London’s ExCeL Centre said students had to remain in their seats throughout. They were told the assessment would “be starting in the next few minutes”, so could not go for a walk or look at their revision notes. Speaking to Legal Cheek, the student said:

It would have been better if we had simply been told that our exam was going to be delayed by an hour and allowed to leave the exam hall, get food/drinks and stretch our legs without being told to get back to our seats.

According to another GDL student, this process of staff reassuring students the exam was about to get underway occurred every “5-10 minutes for the following hour without any disclosure of the reason for the delay.” The exam eventually started at 11:35am.

Quick to apologise for the delay, BPP fired off an email to students who attended the exam, which is screenshotted below. Stressing that the law school is taking the matter “very seriously”, the email reveals that the incident has been referred to BPP’s “external examiners”. The apology does not mention the cause of the delay.

The email received by some of BPP’s GDL student cohort on Monday

When we got in touch with BPP, a spokesperson issued this comment:

The criminal law exam at ExCeL was delayed for 65 minutes yesterday before going ahead for the normal three hours. We would like to thank all of our students who experienced difficulties for their patience and they have received our apologies.

Continuing, it said:

There was an error in the allocation of papers between the various centres in London; an error taking into account the number of sitters in week one and the ongoing deferral numbers. It shouldn’t have happened. The external examination board will deal with the conduct of assessment issue and we deal fairly with all students in these circumstances to ensure the cohort isn’t disadvantaged. BPP would like to again apologise for any inconvenience caused yesterday.

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Alan P

They should have at least provided some entertainment during the delay. A strip tease from the invigilators would have made the hour go quickly.



Another side-splitter! Brilliant!


Alan P

Haha, leftie luvvie 😉



No Alan P – you’re just not funny.



Lol @ the feminist snowflakes

Jones Day Partner

We don’t attend BPP Careers Fairs. But you might have just identified a new opportunity for our Paralegals.



Is it me or does BPP seem to have an on-going tendency to mess things up? They come across as amateurish, particularly for the steep fees they charge for the GDL/LPC/BPTC etc.


Tim NicebutDim

I found the tutors to be pretty good – passionate, knowledgeable, committed to helping you pass exams etc – however, the institution massively lets itself down on the admin, career help and wider student support front.



Yeah, most of the teachers are fine at BPP. What most of them simply do not get is that we are not there to ‘study’ and ‘explore’ the law, but we are there to PASS the shitty course our law firms make us do and MOVE ON with our lives and careers.

They should be always mindful of that and try to make the experience as painless as possible.



The shitty course that… know….teaches you the law?



I agree with every word of this. Some of the teachers I had for GDL clearly absolutely loved teaching, which is not actually all that common in higher education institutions! A jolly Northern Irish lecturer a bit of a star, in particular



We had a dog wondering – that’s kind of entertaining. And all the utter outrage kept me busy too



What did the dog what to know?


Corbyn. Sympathiser.

How Much Is That GDC In The Window?
It’s £10,920.



It was a drug sniffer dog. Evidently wanted to check up on what the BPP coordinators were on because they messed up big time.



Should of played some techno music


bpp biggest scam in legal history

sham institution


bpp biggest scam in legal history

they all the passionate teachers lol






You forgot the tiny little printer in the room next door on the way to the toilets which BPP staff were desperately filling with paper as they said we’d be starting in a few minutes endlessly for an hour



Should have smoked a fat blunt. I know I did


Bob Crow

Mistakes happen. Get over it.


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