LinkedIn removes Lord Harley’s incredible profile following investigation

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Exclusive: He will no longer be able to access it

The LinkedIn profile of controversial former lawyer Lord Harley has been “restricted” following an internal investigation by the social networking giant, Legal Cheek can reveal.

Harley — whose real name is Alan Blacker — hit headlines back in 2014 following a bust-up with Judge Wynn Morgan at Cardiff Crown Court. Unhappy with the then solicitor advocate’s appearance, the experienced judge described him “as like something out of Harry Potter”.

With the national newspapers lapping up the quirky comparison, Legal Cheek (thanks to some internet sleuthing) stumbled across the real story — Blacker’s epic LinkedIn page.

Highlights at the time included being a Transactional Analysis Psychoanalytical Psychologist; a Fellow of the Zoological Society of London; a Licensed Boiler Examiner; and a Stanford University graduate, among many (many) other things.

But it would appear that the eccentric online CV is no more. A spokesperson for LinkedIn told us:

I can confirm that we received a false profile claim on that account, after checks by our investigation team the account was restricted.

Legal Cheek understands that “restricted” means Blacker can no longer access his profile, nor can other members see the profile on the site’s search facility or their personal network. We undertook a manual search for Harley’s profile this morning but were unable to find it.

Blacker did not respond to Legal Cheek’s request for comment.

The news comes almost a year after Blacker was booted out of the legal profession. A Solicitors Disciplinary Tribunal found that the Solicitors Regulation Authority had proven seven out of eight charges against Blacker, including dishonesty. One charge in relation to misleading Judge Wynn Morgan was not proven.

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Alan Blacker

I don’t get it.

Bruce Jenner identifies as female.
Rachel Dolezal Identifies as black.

Why can’t I identify as counsel?


Alan P

Eh? Bruce Jenner is now a woman, Caitlin, cause she got all the X chromosomes in her DNA swapped for Y chromosomes.



Can’t tell if you’re trolling or genuinely believe that’s how it works…


Alan P

I have been told before I’m not the sharpest tool in the box. But…



I have to say legalcheek it’s seeming borderline harassment! leave the guy alone he has had his punishment and the constant articles about him are becoming tedious and seem like you are targeting him. Find something more newsworthy than the fact someone’s LinkedIn profile has been restricted

This post has been moderated because it breached Legal Cheek’s comments policy.



Hey, Dr. Blacker.


9:14 Yawnnnn!!!!! - not true

“borderline harassment” – is such a loaded term and you use it so righteously and inaccurately.
It is not harassment in the legal definition, borderline or otherwise. What they reported in terms of content in a series of articles was a factual account of what his claimed qualifications were. they were reporting facts / truth .

I do agree that a guy who clearly has problems needs a degree of understanding / compassion and help in terms of healthcare.



There is nowt wrong with him. He is just an arsehole.

Struck off and now thrown off for lying. End of.



“internet sleuthing” = using Google



Slow news day?


Hungry for news

Where is the news? We need news. This article is boring for comments.


Labia Schneider.

Yeah, what about an update on Ms. Proudman? Has she finished her PhD on mutilated vaginas yet?


Alan P

I can tell you the conclusion: “White Christian families in Surrey are just as likely to subject their daughters to FGM as Muslims and anyone who says otherwise is Islamophobic.”



That’s just stupid, and obviously not true.

White Christian families in Surrey are actually MORE likely to subject their daughters to FGM.

And if you don’t see how that’s obviously true, you’re racist.


Alan P

How dare you try to out-virtue signal me!!!

I’m sure you don’t go round like I do telling people that Islam is the most peaceful religion EVER and that all of the world’s inventions, including the I Phone and the KFC Zinger, wouldn’t be around if it weren’t for Muslims.



You need to leave the Blacker guy alone now. It’s a boring story. It’s an old story.

“hunting people down”, “naming and shaming” – all of that has been done. Stop flogging a dead horse. It also makes readers uncomfortable. Back off already.



Hi Alan.

How’s the appeal going ?



I’m not Alan. I’m not a sympathiser either. But everyone needs to move on, it’s old.

I also think any “update” articles on Proudman would be a waste of time and shameless click bait. Oh and I’m not Proudman either.

Why do I read this stuff?



Cos you is an asshole ?


Cor Blimey!

Her web page says she’s an expert on mutilated vaginas, forced marriage, prostitution and rape


Mr. Y. Awn

Hey Anon 10:27.
Back off harassing LC about harassing Blacker. Yawn already did that, so stop it already



Now Alan’s been cast out to the fringes of the web were his fantasist imagineering belongs, we need to address the question of how the Law Soc/SRA allowed him on the roll inthe first place and awarded higher rights a few days later! HOW DID THAT HAPPEN? Why wasn’t it checked?



Hear hear.


Sue r Pipe

Maybe because hed qualified as a solicitor and alredy done enough to get his higher rigt s you moron



Welcome Alan. Good to see you.


Wendy's mate

You lied to get on the Roll Alan.



It’s so easy to bait you lawbytes creeps. Misspell something under a silly name and you all come running



Yeh they don’t no anything haha


Jack's mate

Quite right Alan, I mean Jack.



Point proven



Alan’s appeal has been delayed because he couldn’t get the bundles right and they had to be redone.

No surprise that he is so incompetent.



Labour had pledged to scrap tuition fees. That’s good for us students (and not good for Not Amused, who has been quiet lately).

Labour is positive and optimistic talking about opportunity and wealth creation.

Conservatives are talking about death taxes and residential care in the most inhumane, cold and insensitive way. It’s shockingly poor from May, who I regarded as pretty sharp. It’s like she’s throwing the election away on purpose. Loads of people who swore blind they would vote conservative are now pondering labour.


Corbyn. Sympathiser.

I think that everyone should vote for their Labour Party candidate, but I’m not sure what your comment has to do with this article.
Mine is of course no more enlightening on the issue at hand (Alan Blacker’s LinkedIn profile) but I would like to take this opportunity to remind everyone to register to vote if you haven’t already. It only takes a moment, and can be done online at
For any youngsters in the audience, remember, if you’re 17 now, but your birthday is between today and June 8th, you can register and will be eligible to vote in the election.



Alan Blacker is now in the room.

Give us a quote Alan.



What did Blacker actually lie about? How were the charges proved? Lay panel; balance of probabilities….I would not like to be him.
You appear to be a bit of loon Mr Blacker and therefore on the balance of probabilities we find all charges against you proved.
Lol. He shouldn’t have turned up at the disciplinary



He didn’t turn up dingbat.


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