Morning round-up

Morning round-up: Tuesday 23 May

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The morning’s top legal affairs news stories

David Allen Green: The law and politics of the EU’s Brexit bill [Financial Times]

Senior Court of Appeal judge: Remove right to jury trial for petty criminals [The Telegraph]

Global legal services market valued at nearly $600 billion [Global Legal Post]

Police officer who targeting his ex-wife’s divorce lawyer with traffic offence report is sacked [The Sun]

Dentist accused of plotting to poison his missing lawyer wife who vanished four weeks ago ‘also conspired to attack a Polish male friend of hers’ [Mail Online]

‘Is it a real murder case?’ Confused viewers assume that The Trial is real [The Telegraph]

Michael Barrymore entitled to £2.4m payout from police, court told [The Guardian]

Donald Trump ‘de-emphasised human rights’ in Saudi Arabia speech [The Independent]

Biglaw associate introduces his adorable quintuplets to his firm [Above The Law]

Apply to attend: The Legal Cheek and Shearman & Sterling General Election debate [Legal Cheek Hub]

“With a small extension to the duties of the trial judge we can have: “Members of the jury, before you retire to consider your verdict, have you ever worried about getting the right car insurance quote? …”” [Legal Cheek comments]

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