ULaw strikes LPC and GDL deal with the University of Reading

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Postgrad courses on offer at Berkshire-based campus from this September

The University of Reading’s London Road campus

Wannabe lawyers will now have the option to complete their postgraduate legal studies at the University of Reading, thanks to a new collaboration with The University of Law (ULaw).

Unveiled earlier today, the new partnership will see ULaw’s Legal Practice Course (LPC) being taught as a full-time study option at the University of Reading’s London Road campus. This course will be available from September, just weeks after the town’s namesake music festival. The law school giant also confirmed that its Graduate Diploma in Law (GDL) will be available from 2018 onwards.

Legal Cheek understands that despite being based at Reading Uni’s campus, ULaw will still be responsible for the teaching, content and structure of both courses. The LPC and GDL are open to all grads, not just Reading alumni.

Commenting on the new pairing, Professor Susan Breau, head of the University of Reading’s law school, said:

Our undergraduate degree and postgraduate masters courses are designed to introduce students to the academic discipline of law and to prepare students to work in the legal profession. With law graduates in high demand, we look forward to the opportunities that collaboration with The University of Law will bring, and to continuing to develop a strong professional and academic law offer here at the University of Reading.

This isn’t the first time ULaw has struck a deal of this nature. The law school — which has eight campuses across the country — has been offering its LPC and GDL courses at the University of Exeter since September 2015.

The move comes just weeks after BPP Law School revealed two new LLM options. The masters degrees, LLM Legal Practice (Solicitors) and LLM Legal Practice (Barristers), will allow students to tailor their studies to suit their career aspirations. BPP confirmed at the time that both courses qualify for a postgraduate loan of up to £10,280 from the government’s Student Loans Company.

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Alan P

Why is Reading pronounced ‘Redding’?



And why is “Berkshire” pronounced “Barkshire”



And why is ‘Barking’ pronounced ‘Borking innit blad’?



But the gdl and lpc won’t exist in 3 years?!



Shite university enters into shite contract for shite courses that are about to be replaced by SQE shite.




Powerful. Do you like Huey Lewis and the News?


Paul Allen

Why are there copies of the style section all over the place, d-do you have a dog? A little chow or something?



Their early work was a bit too…New Wave for my taste.


Ghost of Whitney Houston

Do not discuss my music please.


Good to see a well respected uni like Reading offer the LPC and GDL. Hopefully other good ones like UEA and Brunel follow suit


bbp is a lie

BPP needs to close down. There undergraduate LLB degrees is a joke. The shoe laces of my nike’s are worth more than a their llb degree.



What would Carl Lygo do?



How on earth did you think, for one second, that it would be a good idea to do your undergrad degree at BPP? Don’t you not have parents / teachers / friends / anybody who should have warned you that it would be a stupid idea?!



Some people get lured by the somewhat false advertising that BPP and UoL provide regarding employability stats.

For some the idea of cramming a 3 year course into 2 also seems financially sensible and so that is an attractive element too (despite it causing more problems in other areas).

Finally, a lot of people haven’t got access to decent careers advice before they sign up to something like this. Not everyone has a connection to a parent/teach/friend who would have been able to give clear, practical and unbiased views on whether this is a good idea or not.


Stats checker

What false advertising? All employability stats come from the law firms directly and from the government.

Check out the aslaughter and May website



I’m on the GDL at BPP. I don’t see it getting the snub from firms so what’s the problem? Everyone has had at least one bad teacher so nothing new there lol



A clever move by Reading: they provide an under-utilised campus, UoL provide the academics.

Universities outside of UoL and BPP are pretty reluctant to adapt to the new SQE model and are very resistant to imbedding it into their courses. Something like this partnership could allow them to market prep courses to their students without having to have to burden of getting their own academics to teach it. This is just a way of starting that partnernship before it all kicks in.



Reading may come to regret being associated with these sham private equity “education providers”



No offence and all, but just by reading at your comment I’m not so convinced you’d manage to bag a place at any decent university, let alone a member of the Russell Group.

BPP’s more up to your speed. Attaboy.





The truth will out

There are some amazing people at Bpp. Employability is 9/10, student experience is 9.5/10 and 8/10 of magic circle students have to study there.

Those who comment are trolls and those who succeeded are earning £180k a year as associates in MC firms after their time at BPP.



fug BPP


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