Watch lawyers sit in stony-faced silence as Eminem’s ‘Lose Yourself’ blasts out through courtroom speakers

Not even a foot tap

Lawyers at the High Court in Wellington, New Zealand

Video footage showing a group of lawyers in New Zealand listening to rap music has racked up over 60,000 views in under a week.

Taken from the opening day of a trial at New Zealand’s High Court in Wellington, the short clip shows some of the country’s finest legal minds sitting in sober silence as Eminem’s chart-busting banger ‘Lose Yourself’ rings out around the court.

Far from a misguided attempt to motivate the court, the US-born rapper’s 2002 track was actually being played as part of a copyright infringement claim. The National Party (a conservative political party in New Zealand) is accused of using a similar song titled ‘Eminem Esque’ during a 2014 political broadcast.

Lawyers for the track’s publishers are asking for a cash settlement and an acknowledgement by the court that the National Party breached copyright.

Complex legal wranglings aside, the footage — posted online earlier this week — has amassed a whopping 60,000 views and makes for excellent viewing.

One YouTube user commented: “I half expected the guy who pressed play to just flip around and start spitting the verses.” Another, clearly amused by the lawyers’ muted reaction to the music, said: “That club looks sick as fuck.”

The trial is expected to last a week.

Watch the clip in full below:

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I just can’t . I could not have helped but rap along. Love that song. Thinking being a barrister is off the cards.


Shit, guess it’s time for a career change. No way could I have been that still.


Blondie in the back is down for it and the Stenographer looks like she thought the National Party’s version was rubbish


It is the Registrar, not the stenographer sitting in front of the Judge.


This video tells me that we should never wear ties with gowns. Awful.



Should go the whole hog with collar n bands or else ditch the robes.

Could always go continental and have a jabot…


This guy definitely feels awkward playing Eminems song, man he needs to cheer up missreble cxxx.


He needs to be professional. Do you honestly just expect him to start flipping shit around the room…


Literally laughed out loud on the train home after a long day!!


I’m convinced it’s copyright infringement (why has the National Party not settled?), I’d like to say the National Party cover is also a crime against music, please throw away the ‘musician’s’ keys.

Da da dum da-dum da-da da-da

Claimant ready
Defence looks kinda upsetti
Judge adjourning for lunch already
Mom’s spaghetti


the problem is obvious – gowns and ties – come on get some class. get jiggy with ya wig on. when I’m in my wig and gown I’m always “on the one” with my funk brother Bootsy Collins.

Oop there goes gravity

Blond woman on the left was starting to feel it

But then she…

Snapped back to reality.


“Can i copy your homework?” “sure but change it up a little so the teacher wont catch us.”


Eminem is the king. He cannot and will not be defeated.

Surprise Rap Fan, 1 time GDLer

Have you ever heard of Jay-Z, Biggie or even a chap called 2Pac? Without them, Eminem would not exist.

The Real Chubby Shady

I can no longer stand up and need a mobility scooter.


What a pointless statement you have made LC. What do you expect a professional lawyer to be doing? Blowing it out of proportion! He is not ‘stony-faced’ for goodness sake!


lol This was weird as hell to watch I love Eminem but watching these old guys who’s highlight of their day is drinking coffee and having a bowl movement have to listen to a Em track is cringy as fuck. I hope I’m not like that in my 50’s and 60’s lmao.


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