How good (or bad) was your LPC? Take the Legal Cheek 60 second survey

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For many aspiring solicitors, the Legal Practice Course (LPC) is an exciting stepping stone towards their dream of a successful trainee life, as they transition from student caterpillar to lawyer-to-be butterfly. For those less enthused, it can be a rather more forgettable experience.

The course itself is vocational and not the most riveting in the world. But the experience can vary quite significantly according to which provider you attend.

Did your LPC live up to its price tag? Was the choice of electives lacking or abundant? Were you left feeling ready for life in practice, or do you regret ever going to law school? Did you finish with a training contract to look forward to or do you feel like your hopes and dreams have been shattered?

Help us create an LPC course comparison for the next batch of law students seeking a life in the legal profession — by completing the survey below. It’s short, completely anonymous and open to all LPC students and recent graduates across the country.

If you are reading this on a phone, you can complete the survey here.


Sleepy lawyer

Hey Natalie, it’s me again, great article!



When will the majority of law firms publish their salary reviews?


Toppsy Kretts

When hell freezes over!



Grade A stuff. I’m unoiqstuenably in your debt.



Moth. Definitely moth !



Ohh how happy I feel speaking my mind about BPP Holborn! Money grabbers.



But how does that differ from UoLaw. Aren’t they all as greasy as each other?



At least your exams were open book #easy



outlaw has open book exams for lpc?



Yeah, but they have a harder marking scheme apparently- not unreasonable when you have the answer in front of you



No le abandona y le apoya y además lo celebran, porque todos estan enfangados en la misma basura. Esa es la triste realidad. Lo más asombroso es el estomago de sus votantes, a pruba de cualquier cosa. Tienen unas tragaderas que encajan mal en una democracia. Al menos, así me lo paseoe.Bescr, en domingo tarde



It seems Kaplan has been erased from the record books


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