How good was your GDL? Take the Legal Cheek 60 second survey

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By Natalie Kaminski on

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For some star students, such as Supreme Court chief Lord Neuberger, the Graduate Diploma in Law (GDL) is the beginning of a wonderful journey to the top. For others, it’s the prelude to life as a paralegal…

The course itself tends to be a fairly utilitarian affair of guiding students from A to B. But Legal Cheek understands that it can vary quite significantly from law school to law school.

Was the teaching you experienced inspiring or underwhelming? Were the course materials hurriedly cobbled together like a snap election manifesto or as lovingly crafted as a Supreme Court judgment? Were you left at the end of it working as a barista in Pret, or with a magic circle training contract offer in your back pocket?

Help us create a GDL course comparison for the next batch of non-law students seeking a life in the legal profession — by completing the survey below.

It’s short, completely anonymous and open to all GDL students and recent graduates across the country.

If you are reading this on a phone, you can complete the survey here.