I’m boiling to death on my vac scheme — do I still have to wear a suit?

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By Legal Cheek on

The air con is crap and there’s only one fan per office

In the latest instalment in our Career Conundrums series, one vac scheme student and training contract hopeful is convinced 30 degrees is not suit weather.


Help me! I’m a second year law student doing a vac scheme at a law firm in London (don’t want to name names but it’s a well known midsize commercial firm). I’m having a great time but I cannot hack this heat. We were told before we started to wear full suits ‘as if we are in meetings’ everyday, I only have a black one and it’s making me a sweaty mess. Worst still I have to get the tube in so I look like a drowned rat before I’ve even got to the office. The air con is really bad and the firm does provide fans but they are one per office so about one per ten people. How forgiving do you think they would be if I rocked up in a floaty blouse and a skirt with no blazer? I really want a training contract at this place!

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