Lawyers launch judicial review against government’s refugee policy, on World Refugee Day

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Leigh Day and Doughty Street v Amber Rudd

Today is World Refugee Day, and Leigh Day lawyers will be marking the occasion by launching legal action against the government and its child refugee policy.

The judicial review in question has been brought by charity Help Refugees. It will claim Home Secretary Amber Rudd adopted a “seriously defective” process when she measured the capacity of local councils to take in child refugees under the Dubs scheme.

The Dubs amendment — named after its pioneer, Labour politician Lord Alf Dubs — was accepted into s67 of the Immigration Act 2016 last May. It is screenshotted below.

Dubs, who was himself a child refugee, and his supporters hoped 3,000 children would be helped by s67.

However Rudd — after consulting with local authorities — calculated only 480 should be accepted. Then the government announced in February the Dubs scheme was to be closed, after just 350 children were accepted.

It has since been revealed, thanks to a freedom of information request submitted by website Vice, that councils had voluntarily offered to accept 1,572 more children than they were already supporting.

Rosa Curling of Leigh Day, for the charity, said:

The government’s consultation with local authorities was seriously flawed. We are asking the court to order the government to reopen the consultation so that national capacity to assist these children can be properly assessed.

The claimants will argue the Home Office didn’t provide the local authorities with vital information they needed during the consultation process, for example, a 14 October 2016 deadline for responses. The Independent reports the Home Office failed to count 91% of places offered by Scottish local authorities, 86% by Welsh, and 45% by English because they were received after the cut-off date.

The case is being heard at the Royal Courts of Justice before Lord Justice Treacy and Mr Justice Ouseley today. Help Refugees are represented in their legal challenge by Laura Dubinsky, Rowena Moffatt and Alex Gask of Doughty Street Chambers and Edward Craven of Matrix Chambers.

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Formless Being

Well done again LC.
3rd decent article in three days.
What’s coming over you?



It’s about time the elected governments did what the people want about immigration. A whole new act is needed sweeping all the other bullshit aside. Plus withdraw from the convention an d repeal human rights act. Never happen alas with such weak government.



You are right. A country which cannot choose who enters and who does not enter is not a country. It is a perverse nation that lets a coalition of queers, cat ladies and manginas funded by George Soros wage lawfare against a government simply doing its best to keep aliens out.


Pack of Frozen Spinach

No Lawyers here then, as usual



1cbMy #1 rule is that I don’t follow any rules. Interior Design and choosing color is highly customized and each ciuccmstanre is different. There are of course certain guidelines one should follow for the best result but sometimes even those bend a lot. Besides, who’s to say that you can’t have a hot pink kitchen or a purple ceiling? However, the only time I try to follow the “rules” is when it comes to undertones.



You are so right! How dare these do-gooder lawyers contemplate helping abandoned children to have a safe home and a decent life, like some silly sentimental reward for escaping without their parents to a foreign country where bombs don’t drop on them.

The worst they will face is abuse and starvation if we leave them to it, and many will just conveniently ‘disappear’, so what’s the big deal? I get really sick of people going all dewy eyed about hundreds of small black kids being left on their own without support in the middle of nowhere. Surely they can catch rats and sleep under bushes until they grow up?

For heaven’s sake, it’s not as if they are white skinned and normal, like our kids.


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