Morning round-up

Morning round-up: Monday 19 June

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The morning’s top legal affairs news stories

Why the Grenfell Tower tragedy needs a rapid public inquiry, not an inquest [The Guardian]

Two women feared dead in Grenfell Tower tragedy were threatened with legal action — after raising alarm about fire safety [The Mirror]

Why was law not updated? Former housing minister’s shock over government’s failure to update fire regulations which “could’ve saved residents’ lives” [Mail Online]

On “regulation” [Jack of Kent]

Vast majority of Northern Irish people back reform of “inhumane” abortion law, survey finds [The Independent]

Trump lawyer Jay Sekulow contradicts president on obstruction investigation [The Guardian]

Making A Murderer defense lawyer drops bombshell set to shake up Steven Avery murder case [The Sun]

Bill Cosby case: Judge declares mistrial after jury deadlock [BBC News]

Russia Today consider legal action over Emmanuel Macron “propaganda” comments [Channel 4 News]

“‘Passion is everything at the bar’ — no, it really isn’t.” [Legal Cheek Comments]

Commercial awareness event: Inside the acquisition of Visa Europe – with Macfarlanes [Legal Cheek Hub]



How can TMay sleep at night?



How can Tories sleep at night? A tory vote is basically driving others to poverty and sometimes killing them for their own gain. Yet most tory voters won’t gain, it’ll all just go to the pockets of the 1%.


Cheeky Chappy

How can you be a rape victim and phone your rapist 50 times after, in pleasant conversations? Then take years to make the complaint?

This post has been moderated because it breached Legal Cheek’s comments policy.


Little Fetus

What about these infetal proposals?


Musharram Shariff

After an Upazili council ordered the punitive rape of a low caste girl in Pakistan, I ordered that girl’s family to receive compensation and had the Upazila council arrested.
Thousands of low caste girls then claimed they were raped and the local magistrates, granted bail to the Upazila council and the case died a death.


Cosby Fan

I have been raped by Cosby!


Another loopy Cosby fan

I wanna get raped by Cosby too!
It’s not fair!


Yet another loopy Cosby fan

He raped me 70 years ago when I was a fetus. But I am time barred and not even considered a human being!


Yet another loopy Cosby fan

He looked at me in a funny way when he was born


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