Morning round-up

Morning round-up: Wednesday 21 June

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The morning’s top legal affairs news stories

Theresa May faces legal challenge over proposed deal with DUP [The Guardian]

New EU laws make UK’s complex Brexit ever more difficult [Financial Times]

David Lidington resets relations with the judges – but can it last? [The Spectator]

The Queen’s Speech: What can we expect? [BBC News]

Millionaire lawyer, 50, relives moment penniless gardener who was jealous of his £2.7million mansion and middle-class lifestyle demanded £75,000 or he would harm his family [Mail Online]

FBI Director nominee removed reference to case involving Russian government from law firm bio [CNN]

Law student who came to aid of BigLaw partner lands summer associate job [ABA Journal]

Manager of N-Dubz star Dappy admits taking court photos [BBC News]

Working in a heatwave: your legal rights [The Guardian]

Apply at attend: Commercial Awareness Question Time: Inside the acquisition of Visa Europe — with Macfarlanes [Legal Cheek Hub]

“It’s a high pressure job with considerable sacrifices combined with living in a very expensive city. MC firms attract a certain type and that’s fair enough. If you’re talented enough to get into the MC than your talented enough to get in anywhere and in that sense, you’re a mug if you settle for MC wages. You’re valuing yourself at half (and sometimes less) of what the market pays.” [Legal Cheek comments]

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