Training contract numbers soar to highest level since financial crash

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Places up two years on the bounce for the first time since the financial crash

The number of training contracts registered across England and Wales has risen by almost 5% since last year, according to new figures released today.

The Law Society’s annual statistics report shows that training contract numbers jumped from 5,457 to 5,728 in 2015-16, an increase of 271 (4.6%). This is the first time training contract numbers have risen two years on the bounce since the financial crisis.

In 2008, training contract numbers went from a pre-crash high of 6,303 to just 4,784 the following year. With overall figures continuing to fluctuate post-crash — dropping to 5,001 in 2013-14 and then increasing to 5,457 in 2014-15 — today’s continued growth will come as welcome news for wannabe lawyers.

Aside from TC numbers, the annual report also considers those studying law at university, and reveals that women continue to outperform their male peers.

Accounting for 63% law graduates last year (10,133), 13% (1,347) of women bagged a first, compared to just 12% of men (683). Continuing their dominance in the job market, women snapped up 62% (3,566) of the training contacts registered last year, while men managed 38% (2,162).

Elsewhere, the new stats reveal that the number of Black Asian and Minority Ethnic (BAME) solicitors rose to 16% in 2016 and has more than doubled over the past 15 years. Over 136,000 solicitors currently hold a valid practising certificate: 11,090 are Asian, 1,709 are Chinese, and 2008 identify as African. However, it’s worth noting over half of those admitted to the roll in the 12 months to July 2016 did not submit ethnicity data, so these stats have limits.

Commenting on the BAME stats specifically, Law Society president Robert Bourns said:

Increasing diversity in the solicitor profession is a powerful force for good and a cause for real celebration. Not only do solicitors themselves come from an ever widening pool — reflecting the diverse society of which we are part and which we serve — but new business models are flourishing, allowing us to provide an ever more tailored service to our clients.

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The majority of these extra TCs should be set aside for LGBT candidates to boost diversity and overturn the horrific homophobia in law firms.



I agree but only if those LGBT people are all severely disabled too.



I agree, but only if those LGBT people who are severely disabled are all from an ethnic background too.



no more pls, I see too many pink streamers and rainbow flags everywhere. I get it you exist, now stop parading outside my office



Yeah you’re right! Let’s arbitrarily leave aside a proportion of TC’s for only a particular group of people to make sure they get jobs in the legal industry, even if they aren’t as good as other candidates. That’s really fair and makes so much sense. 🙂



So much for the end of lawyers…



Surely the implications of less work due to brexit would mean that TC numbers would be cut?



Would have thought Brexit would mean more work. Economy might be hit, sure, but untangling the ensuing mess means a lot of work for law firms



I saw figures that indicate that while there is a slight increase in city training contracts, most are high street firms – predominantly personal injury factories – in the north of England.

I am open to being corrected on this, as I can’t find the report I saw. However, if it is correct, subject to implementation of the proposed reforms, it doesn’t really seem worth those trainees bothering…



I heard one of the MC’s latest retention rate (not yet published)was 65%



CC’s was basically the same recently so it’s not the end of the world is it



It won’t last long


Feminist logic

“Continuing their dominance in the job market, women snapped up 62% (3,566) of the training contacts registered last year, while men managed 38% (2,162).”

Firms are obviously discriminating against men! What other explanation can there be for a split that isn’t 50-50? Please guys, tell us how to combat such blatant sexism against men!



Watch out for the next downturn.

Partners are utter khuntz and won’t hesitate to let these new recruits go instantly.

Be aware.



Seriously. All these people will qualify after Brexit, which is going to make certain practices nosedive.


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