A magic circle trainee’s ultra-sassy tweets have been exposed for all the legal world to see

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By Thomas Connelly on

‘Bruv I’ve been up 20 hours’

A magic circle trainee has been given a lesson in social media etiquette after her brilliantly candid tweets about lawyer life appeared on the pages of a legal blog.

The “first seat trainee” made the decision to set up the tell-all Twitter account in her real name. Offering a unique insight into life at a top City firm, it would appear our loose-lipped newbie’s first day on the job was action-packed.

Fortunately, RollOnFriday, a weekly legal blog that first spotted and subsequently republished the tweets, has chosen not to name her. And probably just as well — her comments aren’t going to appear in the firm’s graduate recruitment brochure anytime soon…

This tweet shows she is fluent in legalease and street slang:

Our trainee really hates Excel.

Our anonymous lawyer should have checked out our law firm average arrive and leave the office times article.

Magic circle outfits only recruit the best graduates, right?


Our budding lawyer — who appears to have now deleted, or at least made private, her account — has also revealed titbits from her own personal life. First up, a vagina that smells like a Mexican restaurant.

Next, a vagina with alopecia.

Dildos and Brexit, what a combo.

Having been approached for comment, the trainee told the legal blog the account was intended “to be tongue in cheek”. Social media lessons aside, you can’t deny the tweets are pretty funny.

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