Attorney General to throw Hawaiian ‘Summer Beach Party’ at government law offices

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Grass skirts at the ready

An invitation to a “Hawaiian themed” beach party, purportedly from the attorney general and solicitor general, has surfaced online.

The email invite — which we were able to screenshot below thanks to Guido Fawkes — says the “Summer Beach Party” will be taking place next Monday at “the Law Offices”.

Two government lawyers are mentioned on the invite. They are attorney general Jeremy Wright QC, whose elevation to the post in 2014 was met with plenty of ‘who the hell is he?’ remarks. Wright — as the government’s trusty legal advisor — recently fought tooth and nail to defend the Tories’ position on Brexit in the well-publicised Miller case. He lost.

Also appearing on the invite — which, excitingly, includes what looks like the top of a limbo pole — is Robert Buckland QC. The criminal law barrister juggles a career in law with a career in politics: he is a door tenant at London’s 23 Essex Street Chambers and MP for Swindon South. Most notably for Hawaiian party purposes, Buckland is solicitor general for England and Wales. Neither Wright nor Buckland has responded to our request for comment.

Though government lawyers are not the sort of people we imagined frolicking around in grass skirts and lei garlands, we hope they have an excellent time at their summer party. Looks like Madge the Jack Russell, a barrister’s dog spotted at this year’s London Pride, is already ready to go:

Presumably Legal Cheek’s invite will arrive shortly.

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I enjoyed reading that other article about RPC. I think RPC is a great firm.

Also, that dog is a great dog in this article. Friday is a great day.



(RE the RPC Partner approachability article): OF COURSE I’m going to focus on ” work hours, international opportunities and salary rates before they consider partner approachability” when applying for TCs because I have no opportunity to even know about the bloody partner I’m going to be paired with. So why not focus on the facts and what is in front of me! FFS!



At RPC there aren’t really any nasty partners (such as the ones referred to in the LC article yesterday). All of them are approachable and nice people, so you can’t really go wrong.

Work hours are good. Salary is a bit low but per hour worked, it is strong. There are some limited international opportunities, but oversubscribed.

It is generally a very pleasant place to work, so far as it is possible for a law firm to be described as such.



Sorry forgot to post under my real name.


... who may or may not work at RPC

I am not HR. I am a lawyer…



Katie what are your bank details again?



Slide into my DMs.


MPs are all melts innit

Members of Parliament should not be allowed to have fun in any circumstance.


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