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Rate your Bar Professional Training Course provider

The Bar Professional Training Course (BPTC) is the gateway to the bar… for the 400 or so of the 1,500+ students who take the course each year and secure pupillage.

It is populated by a mixture of hotshots (they make up most of those 400 successful pupillage-baggers), oddballs, dreamers and no-hopers, alongside a significant number of overseas students who will use the qualification to practise law in their home jurisdictions.

Satisfaction levels vary. With practitioners often teaching the course, some students find themselves experiencing daily master classes. Others see their many thousands of pounds of course fees frittered away on instruction from rather less impressive individuals.

There are also notable discrepancies between providers in areas like course materials, careers service, options subject choices, study space and pro bono opportunities.

Help us create a BPTC course comparison for the next batch of law students seeking a life at the bar by completing the survey below. It’s short, completely anonymous and open to all BPTC students and recent graduates across the country.

If you are reading this on a phone, you can complete the survey here.



I keep being drip fed small tasks when I am supposed to be working on a report. Very annoying.



Alex goes out on a Saturday morning. Bags himself a fry up at the local café. Bags a solid haircut at the local barbers. Off to the shops and bags himself some new jeans. Bags up some pasta on the way home. Bagged.



I hear he used to work in a supermarket.

“Would you like me to bag that for you?”



Tom used to work in a long established tailors’ shop on Saville Row. He would be charged with picking up scraps of cloth and other detritus off the floor, eventually advancing to making tea and coffee and generally keeping himself out of the way of the discerning customers. He did once, whilst peeping through a hole in the wall between the opulent shop front and the broom cupboard he was kept in, catch a glimpse of a low ranking member of the aristocracy who visited the establishment, who retrieved a thin wad of crisp notes from inside his trouser pocket. That money was passed to the shop owner, who likewise placed the crisp notes into his own pocket. Tom had never seen paper money before, receiving no pay other than the use of his broom cupboard and a small, dirty cup of water each day for his work. So struck was he with what he saw that day that even now he knew no other verb than “trousered” or “pocketed” for the crediting of money from one party to another.



Hi Tom


A. Lawyer

What on earth or any other planet has the BPTC got to do with LC?



Everyone knows the BPTC is pointless, expensive shite. It is equally as bad at all providers (from what I have heard from friends). Taught by semi-literate, failed barristers.

The real learning takes place during pupillage.



No learning takes place during pupillage. It’s just a circle-jerk with people you are trying to impress who may or may not be decent Barristers but are hopeless at teaching you anything. ‘Correcting’ your work so it looks like theirs is not teaching. When that happens on the BPTC, students rightly scream “This isn’t teaching”. When members of chambers do it, they soil themselves with excitement.



So, so true.

Pupillage is a relic from a time when pupils were expected to learn how to behave rather than learn any law or techniques of legal practice. Squires’ sons up to London for ‘finishing’.



Tutors are very kind but the course is rubbish. Thank god I didn’t have to pay for it



Someone had to pay for it, and someone made a profit from it. I also got an Inns scholarship to cover fees. It’s so frustrating to see £18k go straight into the pockets of crap tutors and shareholders for a course which is of no value whatsoever.



taking bptc doubled my salary. no pupillage needed. don’t get the hatred and angst on this subject on LC about NPs (sorry unregistered)

Are the vitriol throwers (thats topical too) all succesful graduates and barristers? What do you think?


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