How good (or bad) was your BPTC? Take the Legal Cheek 60 second survey

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By Alex Aldridge on

Rate your Bar Professional Training Course provider

The Bar Professional Training Course (BPTC) is the gateway to the bar… for the 400 or so of the 1,500+ students who take the course each year and secure pupillage.

It is populated by a mixture of hotshots (they make up most of those 400 successful pupillage-baggers), oddballs, dreamers and no-hopers, alongside a significant number of overseas students who will use the qualification to practise law in their home jurisdictions.

Satisfaction levels vary. With practitioners often teaching the course, some students find themselves experiencing daily master classes. Others see their many thousands of pounds of course fees frittered away on instruction from rather less impressive individuals.

There are also notable discrepancies between providers in areas like course materials, careers service, options subject choices, study space and pro bono opportunities.

Help us create a BPTC course comparison for the next batch of law students seeking a life at the bar by completing the survey below. It’s short, completely anonymous and open to all BPTC students and recent graduates across the country.

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