Mid-size money movers: Farrer & Co, Harbottle & Lewis and Collyer Bristow increase junior lawyer pay

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Trainees also receive modest salary boosts

Farrer & Co’s office

A host of mid-sized London law firms have upped their young lawyers’ pay.

Farrer & Co, a prestigious outfit nestled among the barristers’ chambers of Lincoln’s Inn, has confirmed that year one trainees will now receive £37,000 — a rise of £2,000 or 6%. Meanwhile, those a year ahead will now pocket £40,000, again an increase of £2,000 (or 5%).

The firm, which specialises in private client work and has represented our country’s kings and queens, has also chucked extra cash at its newly qualified (NQ) lawyers. Newbie associates will now earn £60,000, a modest uplift of £1,000 (2%). Farrer & Co, a law firm with roots dating back as far as 1701, offers around ten training contacts per annum.

Next up, Mayfair-based Harbottle & Lewis. Young lawyers in the first year of their training contract at the communication and media outfit will now walk away with £34,000, up from £32,500, while those a year ahead will take home £36,000, up from £34,000. NQs have also had pay upped by a grand (2%) taking final salaries to £55,000. According to the firm’s website it offers “five or six training contracts per year”.

Finally, Collyer Bristow. The firm — which hands out around five training contacts each year — has increased pay for year one trainees by 3% to £32,000. Legal Cheek understands year two trainee pay will remain unchanged.

Newbie associates at the firm will now earn £53,000, up from £52,000, an improvement of £1,000 or 2%. Collyer Bristow specialises in a mixture of commercial and private client work and has just two offices, one in London and one in Geneva.

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Wannabe trainee

What’s it like to work at ‘posh’ outfits like Farrers or Forsters?

What are the hours like?

Do they serve caviar for lunch and offer dressage lessons as fee-earner benefits?

Any insights?



Yes to both. Plus, Farrers have “alumni” events for those who realise they will never become partner. Better be Oxbridge educated, RP accent, and have a horse stable dedicated to you (not joking). Partner at my last firm trained and worked with them for 5 years or so before moving to the provinces. Apparently they create the best family lawyers in the country though! So if you want to handle 7-8 figure divorce settlements (or much much more), give it a go.



Sorry, never heard of any of these pikers.



Got a TC mate?


Large City Firm Trainee

These shops probably come with great hours and also still nice interesting clients



…and with complimentary skin flute lessons, or so I am told.


Lacey Abbott

What is a skin flute?


Monica Lewinsky

Wouldn’t you like to know


B. J. Clinton

Oh lawdy…

Janice, Trainee

He slowly sauntered into the room. His wiry grey hair reflected the light as he approached me. I knew that he was a partner of the firm but in my head I couldn’t get around the fact that he looked far more like a dentist. I have always had a bit of a thing for dentists. I love the fact they are in power and I am just in the chair. Sitting there, waiting for them to examine me as I sit defenceless with my wide nice and widely open. Instinctively, I sat back on my office chair and put my head back whilst opening my mouth.

I shuddered and realised that I had misread the situation and asked the partner how I could assist. Calmly he told me that it is okay and that I should do it again. Mildly confused I put my head back and opened my mouth again. He gently brushed against me as he whispered in my ear “did you know Janice, I used to be a dentist? I have my old tools with me, do you want a check up?”

To be continued.



“To be continued.”

Please don’t.


Popcorn out

I disagree, this is intriguing. I wonder what kind of a state Janice’s teeth are in. I also wonder whether this is kind of like a sexual thing, or if it is just an innocent encounter. I eagerly await the next part of the story.


B. J. Clinton

Delightful, please do.



More please!!



No such thing as a trainee called Janice. Not since 1972 anyway.

And you wouldn’t get such vulgar behaviour at Farrers. Possibly at Harbottle & Louche, but not at Farrers.



Sounds like Paul Merton just went the whole minute on Just a Minute



Never heard of these high street firms


Nic Carters

Thank you for this informative post. I found it exceedingly helpful and insightful. If anyone needs legal help I would like to personally recommend, I have used them & have always come out a winner 🙂


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