Morning round-up

Morning round-up: Monday 17 July

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The morning’s top legal affairs news stories

Brexit talks round two: European Court of Justice looms large [The Guardian]

David Davis warns Brussels: You can’t pick referee for legal disputes after Brexit [The Telegraph]

Charlie Gard’s parents are “astonished” to find the taxpayer-funded lawyer representing their baby leads a charity backing euthanasia [Mail Online]

Law to be changed so terror offenders’ jail terms can be lengthened [The Guardian]

Judge who said rape trials were hard to prove if the victim was drunk is rapped by bosses [Mail Online]

Trump re-election campaign paid $50,000 to law firm now representing Donald Trump Jr [CNN]

Trump campaign paid Donald Jr’s lawyer before emails were made public [Slate]

All the president’s men’s lawyers: who are Trumpworld’s leading attorneys? [The Guardian]

Public given new powers by Ministry of Justice to demand tougher punishments for terrorists [Evening Standard]

Why you could be breaking the law every time you go to a concert [Birmingham Mail]

Poundland delays launch of copycat Toblerone bar amid legal row [The Telegraph]

“I did three vac schemes at regional or high street firms. The most I ever got was one dinner with a £20 per head limit.” [Legal Cheek Comments]


Sir Geffroy De Joinville

How ez Victoria Butler-Cole ze chairman of somezeen? Surely she ez ze chairwoman or av you Anglais completely abandoned gender in your language?


Cockney Geezer

Wot a liberty of Judge Shorrock eh? Actually suggesting corroboration in a rape case ROFL.
So if the bird was filmed wiv er ankles round her neck screaming “knock it up me big boy”! this would be inadmissible evidence.
Or if CCTV captured a brutal rape, this would be inadmissible? No corroboration. Pork pies only.
Mad as hatters these PC geezers.



The new style of Toblerone is horrible. Why oh why oh why would they do a thing like that? 🙁




Why why why… Delilah?!


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