Previously-suspended Leigh Day paralegals have resigned during Grenfell Tower poster investigation

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Legal Cheek comments love continues to role in for embattled rookies

The two paralegals suspended by Leigh Day for allegedly “touting” for Grenfell Tower business have left the firm.

News of the investigation and subsequent suspension broke just days ago, The Times reporting on its front page that the names of training contract hopefuls Harnita Rai and Sejal Sachania were found on a poster located near the scene of last month’s tragic fire.

The poster reportedly offered free legal support to “kick-start any potential insurance claims and review any complex documents”. Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA) rules prohibit cold calling and other similarly intrusive methods, but this does not mean all promotional/marketing material is banned.

The Times headline — along with the usual social media vitriol — rushed Leigh Day into action; it posted this statement:

Now, the firm has announced the embattled paralegals have in fact resigned. A spokesperson for the human rights outfit told us:

The two paralegals who had displayed the posters around the Grenfell site were suspended whilst this investigation took place. Both paralegals have chosen to tender their resignations before this investigation completed, these resignations have been accepted. We are clear that neither of the individuals have supplied any names to the firm as potential clients and Leigh Day was not the ‘third party’ referred to in the posters.

He continued:

We have completed our investigation and will be reporting on the matter to the SRA ourselves later this week. The SRA have not approached us.

Though news of Rai and Sachania’s resignations is hot off the press, debate about the rightness or wrongness of their actions has rumbled on since the story broke.

Yesterday, we ran an article collating messages of support from a number of lawyers, and on that article some more paralegal-directed love has emerged. One Legal Cheek commenter said: “They have not done anything wrong, it’s the damn newspapers kicking up a shit storm about nothing, preventing people from getting help they deserve.” Another went for: “Try and help someone out and you get shot down.”

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Potentially the worst “sentence” LC has ever written: “Legal Cheek comments love continues to role in for embattled execs”

Legal Cheek, you’ve out-Legal Cheeked yourself.



Stop with the whole “training contract hopefuls” line – you don’t know whether they were or not.



There is a slight irony here that although the comments section might be supporting the two individuals, by Legal Cheek constantly name checking them in every article they write about the story (there must have been at least 3 or 4 articles now?!), that their names will be easily found on online, and their chances of legal employment anytime in the near future are probably shattered.



That’s because Legal Cheek loves to ruin people’s future legal careers.



Probably because their own shoddy attempt at legal careers never managed to take off.


Old bloke slumped in the corner of a pub

Too right! Ruddy parasites!



It is akin to walking around hospitals looking to obtain work, most disgraceful.



This is just ridiculous! They were both obviously helping out with this unfortunate event and did it as a charity cause? Why ruin their careers as paralegals!? Hope they get further with their legal career as Leigh Day did not deserve them.


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