Air justice! Judge Rinder takes chopper to court in adrenaline-fuelled advert

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Mission Impossible-esque promo also features a leather clad clerk and a high-powered motorbike

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it’s financial crime barrister turned daytime TV star Judge Rinder taking a helicopter to court.

The crazy clip shows Rinder quietly reading a book in what appears to be a plush countryside mansion. Realising he has just ten minutes before he is due in court, the ITV star (real name Robert) is collected by helicopter and whisked off towards the city.

Emerging from the chopper sometime later, a now leather-clad Rinder — who is still listed as a tenant at London’s 2 Hare Court — hops onto the back of a motorbike ridden by his on-screen clerk Michelle.

With just seconds to spare he arrives at court and makes his way up the stairs.

The advert, which has already racked up over 55,000 views, marks the start of the seventh series of Rinder’s courtroom show. The first new episode will hit screens on 28 August. If you can’t wait till then for your TV judge fix, be sure to check out Legal Cheek’s ‘When a story breaks…’ video below, featuring Rinder in all his sassy glory:

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This is outrageous! How much of my money has HMCTS wasted on this ridiculous helicopter service?


James Robert Humber

Nothing the T.V. publishing company pay for it. It’s a great promotional advertisement for his show.



Can you send me your address, I want to invite you over for Christmas dinner so you can explain to my 3 year old that Santa isn’t real.



Oh wow! Obviously not a legal eagle !! Why would this be court money!! Fool



I literally believed that HMCTS was paying for helicopters to take late-running lawyers to court, and I was literally outraged about it when I posted that comment.

I am also literally not an eagle.



I’m actually so effing jelly.


Jones Day Equity Partner

I tried that once, as a young lawyer, around the time American Pie came out. Too messy to be fun.


Judge Judy

“sassy glory” oh dear. “self-aggrandising, vain, with an unjustifiable sense of self-worth” would be more accurate.



What a fucking twat he is. Almost as ridiculous as his attempts to understand the civil law on his shite tv programme.


Lord Harley

You jealous cretin! Like Legal Cheek, he spotted a gap and went for it. What’s wrong with a bit of self-aggrandizement any way? It never did me any harm ….


Solicitor who solicits

Almost clicked on “report comment” as I thought it was an euphemism for the fact that Judge Rinder is member of the LGTBQ community.



What a lovely name, do you do children’s books?


Wankington Bear

Piss off


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