Linklaters trainee sends ‘LADZZ’ email to female partner

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By Legal Cheek Reporter on

‘I am dead’

A trainee at magic circle outfit Linklaters has discovered first-hand why attention to detail is imperative, after accidentally CC-ing a partner into a “LADZZ” email.

The Inbetweeners-esque email kicks off with the unnamed trainee attempting to drum up support for an early morning kickabout with six of his Linklaters buddies. Describing it as “footie AVEC LA LADZZ,” the Archbishop of Banterbury trainee suggests that they then grab a quick shower at the office before having a “team breakfast with macho banter”.

Intriguingly the trainee’s message (replicated above) goes on to suggest the magic circle gang bring back “dick of the week”. The email went viral around the City and was subsequently picked up by legal blog RollOnFriday.

With responses flooding in, it was at this point the trainee — who briefly changed his email sign-off to “Self-elected Leader of Football Men” — realised he had inadvertently CC-ed in a female partner. A follow-up email to his fellow trainees sums the error up nicely:

That is the partner I work with. I am dead.

Fortunately for the trainee (and his chances of retention upon qualification), his Linklaters superior didn’t seem to mind the lad jokes, replying to all: “footie AVEC LA LADZZ not really my bag but thanks for asking…”. The trainee eventually updated the group:

She has replied saying not to worry, it happens to everyone, and it least it wasn’t embarrassing. Told me to take it as a lesson in email addressee autofilling. It was very embarrassing, very, but still. I could cry. I have meetings with her nearly every day.

Linklaters declined to comment.

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