Tieless at Travers: City law firm ditches corporate dress code in favour of new casual approach

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Unless within eyeshot of a client

Lawyers at Travers Smith will now be able to take a less formal approach to office attire following an overhaul of the City outfit’s dress code.

The firm has told its lawyers, trainees and support staff that they can now wear “business casual” clothing when not in meetings with clients or conducting work on client floors (those marble-clad areas with excellent biscuits).

Travers’ decision to ditch the ties in favour of a more Mark Zuckerberg-esque style comes after a group of associates floated the idea to the firm’s partnership board. David Patient, managing partner at Travers, told Legal Cheek:

We consulted with groups across the firm, because changes to policies like dress codes are always controversial. We still expect that an appropriate standard of dress is maintained when in the office or representing the firm; however, the new policy allows our lawyers and other staff members to be a bit more relaxed about their attire when on office floors or in internal meetings.

Today’s fashion policy update follows a similar move by international giant CMS. The firm — formed by a three-way combination between CMS Cameron McKenna, Nabarro and Olswang — unveiled a new casual dress code to help its lawyers integrate.

Pre-merger, corporate all-rounder CMS Cameron McKenna expected its lawyers to dress smartly. However, Olswang’s lot — handling more sexy areas of law such as technology and media — could take a more casual approach. Keen to avoid a ‘them and us’ situation, CMS introduced a less formal clothing policy.

Returning to Travers, the firm — which offers around 25 training contracts a year — recently unveiled a series of modest pay increases for its trainees and junior lawyers. Legal Cheek’s Most List shows that year one trainee pay now sits at £43,500, rising to £49,000 in year two. Newly qualified lawyers at the City outfit earn £75,000.

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Law Firm Trainee

On Fridays we’re allowed to wear our burlap sacks instead of the usual gimp latex.



I refused to comply with the monstrous ‘Dress Down Friday’ when I worked at Travers. This marks a further decline in Western Civilisation.


Mr. Stan Dards

Couldn’t agree more. Let’s all sit around on bin bags and play table tennis at work. Utter shambles.



This is nothing new, Irwin Mitchell trainees have a mandatory bin bag and flip flops dress code


Irwin Mitchell Trainee

Flip flops?! I wouldn’t call cardboard from a used cereal packet and a couple of stolen cable ties flip flops.



I’m at CMS and this is the first I’ve heard of a new dress code. The Olswang lawyers are a lot cooler though.



Your firm’s about to sh*tcan a lot of trainees.



Correct. The dress code has officially been pretty relaxed for a good 3/4 years.



Shit firm, what a toilet



The real question – how can I wear my Kilgour suits now??????



Did a vac scheme at travers in 2015. Dress code was pretty dress down amongst partners back then too.

(Although the work was dogshit lol)



This is true. The private equity practice is decent. Rest of the work is third rate.


Jones Day Partner

I certainly don’t require my trainees to wear formal dress.


JD Trainee

Or any at all.



A lot of us firms have dress down all week as do many teams in other global law firms. As long as you have a suit in the cupboard just in case and for meetings it’s the way to go especially if you’re doing long hours it’s more comfortable



I work in-house and its ‘dress down Friday’ everyday 🙂






I want to quit law.



I want to to enter law.


Big Dave

I want to enter Tom 😉



Good move. Holding onto antiquated policies smacks of mediocrity. The firm I work at (MC) is tie-less, chinos etc. and properly dress down in my dept on a Friday (I waltz around in jeans and Nike trainers).


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