Cardiff in law school first as it unveils live lion mascot

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It’s the pride of the Russell Group university

Image via Twitter @WelshLegalLion

Cardiff University has made an unorthodox appointment to its law department, with students being greeted at freshers’ week by a creature calling itself the Welsh Legal Lion.

Dr Russell Sandberg, head of law at the Russell Group university, told Legal Cheek that the big cat will pitch in with his department’s recruitment and engagement strategy, attending open days and induction events to give “an alternative view on what it’s like to study law at Cardiff”.

The Cardiff cat “may or may not have eaten people in the past”, Sandberg cautions, but as law students know, ferocious lecturers and sharp-tongued tutors are an occasional hazard on any campus. You can follow his or her adventures via Twitter at @WelshLegalLion.

The leonine appointment is thought to be a law school first:

But Oxford Brookes prof Peter Edge claims that his uni now has an Illegal Iguana on the prowl:

Not exactly as cuddly as it could be, but an improvement on the mascot on offer at UCL. The top rated London university has on display the mortal remains of 18th century academic and jurisprudence syllabus staple Jeremy Bentham.

Sandberg won’t be drawn on the lion’s identity, saying that the question causes the big cat “philosophical angst”. Even the Legal Lion moniker is only temporary: Cardiff students will be able to vote on a permanent name next week.

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“Live lion” strongly implies that you’re talking about an actual lion. In the case of a human dressed as a lion, obviously they will be alive – it’s redundant to use the word “live”.

You did that just to make this utter guff more click-worthy didn’t you. This is dire, even by this website’s shitty standards.



It makes KK look like a reputable journalist. Conor= P45



In Asia, a lion is a lucky auspicious beast

Designed to catch the attention of the thousands of mug Asians these law schools pack in

A bit like the football team not known as “Hull Tigers”

So cynical


Carl sLygo

Funny that…we at BPP also have a ‘lion’ as a mascot. Great success!



I prefer wrestling with tigers.



Let’s go champ!



A gimmick seems apt for Cardiff ‘University’



An anonymous commenter seems apt for a troll



This lion could probably mark exam papers better than the majority of people at this University.



Says the person commenting at 11:13 am on a Friday, I wonder what that says about you. How is being unemployed?



It’s not about the people who attend the Uni just those who mark the papers, multiple errors throughout year groups.



I think the lion is really cute. Thank you Conor, darling. You are such a babe.


Furious BPP lion mascot

Err FAKE NEWS – BPP already has a lion mascot – so this is not a first mascot . Or even a first lion mascot. Typical poor, badly researched story by Legal Cheek. Thumbs down



Conor has shamed himself.



FACTS Conor! Get the FACTS right!



Blatantly copied from here. As are most of RoF articles.

Comments section is so dead. The Discussion bit you have to register which is no fun whatsoever and doesn’t allow you to roleplay various made up characters and personas to stay sane.



this story is just completely wrong, amazing


Scouser of Counsel

No sillier than the costume we have to wear to court every day…



What an ugly lion. Four years behind BPP. Maybe one day they will be as good as them…



I feel like BPP shouldn’t be described as a law school.


Arthur J. Halbaschwartz

New meaning to the phrase LYIN’ LAWYER


Travelling Gavel

Ummmm…. Cardiff’s lion looks suspiciously like BPPs lion mascot that they have had for a few years…. sorry for the length of the link!



Yep – the article for this “story” is totally WRONG! How hard can it be to research something like this?



Conor has shamed himself


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