Judge Rinder ‘litigant’ claims to have faked legal row to secure £5,000 ITV payout

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Sam Horner took pal to TV courtroom after discovering show coughs up damages, according to report

Sam Horner and Paul Brewster (Credit: ITV)

It’s been revealed two friends apparently concocted a fake legal claim to trick ITV’s Judge Rinder into coughing up £5,000 in damages. A spokeswoman for ITV has told Legal Cheek the channel may now be approaching the police over the matter.

Sam Horner appeared on the daytime programme to make a claim relating to a £6,100 office refurbishment against his pal, Paul Brewster. Horner demanded damages and purportedly “created a fake paper trail of invoices and final demands”, according to The Sun.

Interestingly, the report suggests that Leeds plasterer Horner invented the legal quarrel after discovering “producers [at] ITV pay out the cash — not the defendants.”

The newspaper further claims to have seen text messages between the duo arranging the ploy, which hit TV screens earlier this month. Horner, who was eventually awarded £5,000, said: “It was an Oscar-winning performance from start to finish. By the end Judge Rinder was utterly convinced. Me and Paul went on the piss to celebrate afterwards and have split the £5,000.”

ITV doesn’t seem to share Horner’s enthusiasm. A spokeswoman for the TV channel told Legal Cheek:

If they have defrauded us we will take this up with police.

However, Horner doesn’t appear too concerned about any potential legal ramifications for his actions. He said: “I haven’t done anything wrong. I was paid for entertainment and that’s exactly what I gave them. I was paid to act.”

Ruling in the case at the time, Judge Rinder — who is actually 2 Hare Court criminal barrister Robert Rinder — said:

It’s difficult to find a case where the applicant was more entitled to the full sum.

UPDATE: 11:55pm – Tuesday 26 September

Rinder has now responded to our story:

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Its not a real tribunal.



Real fraud though…



judge rinder is a bloody fake no telephone can’t get anybody to answer anything ……jeramy kyle plus plus
just fucking tv shows………..pretty much scams and rubbish….hey judge if u r real call me i have a story



well i have given my phone number my email address if i get a reply from these wankers i will tell…i think the program is a joke



Not only does Rinder pretend to be a judge, he also pretends to be a human being, when he is fact an orange.



He pretends to know about civil law. Badly.



He’s no worse than many DDJ’s.



I’d be interested to know what sort of documents are signed by the “contestants” on these sort of shows. Also unclear how the press have got hold of this story, unless the numpties have themselves gone bragging to the media about their plot.



Fairly sure it’s more or less a standard arbitration agreement between the parties, and maybe another individual contract between each party and the show where the show agrees to pay costs etc,



Check the idiots facebook page. He posted a video bragging he planned the whole con well in advance. Think maybe he’s convicted himself with that one.



He went to the papers himself thinking he was going to get payed for the story the moron haha

Then did a video and made it public bragging about what he had done



This post has been removed because it breached Legal Cheek’s comments policy.



Is it not fraud to call yourself a Judge when one is not? Asking for a friend……..



A slight camp and enigmatic orange friend?



The show is called judge rinder. He himself is a real criminal barrister (since 2001) specialising in fraud, money laundering & financial crime which essentially is the premise of the show. Contestants go on as plaintiffs to try & prove their case to him (acting as the shows judge) & he awards the money accordingly. There is also a voice over stating at start of the show explaining all this. There is no fraud on his part. Which is where these 2 idiots will fall down.



How is financial crime the premise of the show?

It’s mostly about debt and unfulfilled obligations isn’t it?



That’s not what i said. I said Rinder is a brrister that specialises in financial fraud, which makes him more than qualified to pass judgement on financial legal cases & contracts as it all falls under financial legislation.



I didn’t recognise Rinder with his clothes on.



There is a deeper story behind this. The Sun let the story go out heavily stacked in ITV’s favour, the production team led the whole thing


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