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Your favourite website joins forces with top media law firm whose clients include The Tab, Dazed and NME

After six years of pro bono favours from an assortment of London’s finest (and kindest) media lawyers, Legal Cheek has grown up and signed with a law firm.

From this month we have begun working with Reviewed & Cleared (R&C), a specialist firm created purely to provide legal clearance of editorial content. It is backed by leading media law firm Wiggin.

Launched by David Burgess, R&C is well-known for its work with The Tab, the popular student website that like Legal Cheek is committed to publishing the work of young journalists. Other clients of the firm include Dazed, Digital Spy, Cosmopolitan, Esquire, NME, Wallpaper and Marie Claire, among nearly 100 other national print and online publications.

Burgess has recently been joined at R&C by fellow media lawyer Alex Wade, who in his other guise as a journalist is a longtime Legal Cheek contributor. Wade, who has also provided us with legal advice, commented:

I’ve been privileged to work with Legal Cheek as a writer, editor and lawyer for a few years now. Alex, Tom and Katie have done a great job in making the site a must-read for law students and the legal community as a whole. I’m delighted to introduce them to David Burgess and look forward to servicing their legal needs through Reviewed & Cleared.

Like all of R&C’s lawyers, Wade works remotely — in his case from his home in Cornwall, where he combines law and journalism with his passion for surfing. The low overhead model means that the firm can offer very competitive rates for media work, while drawing upon a roster of highly experienced and respected lawyers.

R&C’s Burgess said:

Reviewed & Cleared provide an experienced and expert editorial legal service and our lawyers have worked at some of the most well-known media organisations in the world. However, our structure gives us all the opportunity to work with publishers, both big and small. Our objective is always a risk free publication, whilst not compromising on the quality. We are passionate about assisting the journalistic process, not hindering it. Publications like Legal Cheek will play a big part in the future of the publishing industry and we are really excited to be along for the ride.

For all the latest commercial awareness info, and advance notification of Legal Cheek’s careers events, sign up to the Legal Cheek Hub.



Is it news that you’ve hired a law firm? Or is it news because it’s a “top” law firm? You know that other “top” law firms would also “sign” Legal Cheek if you were paying them too?



Potential conflicts issue



Do you really need a law firm to publish law related memes and pictures of cats wearing barrister wigs?


Not Amused

Or the better question is – what type of person threatens such a publication with legal action?


Frustrated Writer

Katie arrived at Legal Cheek bright and early, as usual. She had a peach of an article on Amal brewing, and knew that Alex could not refuse it.

As she exited the ancient lift into the third floor corridor though she saw something that made her stop in her tracks. A crumpled human like figure lay in a heap on the floor, propped up against the office door, emitting a loud snoring sound. There was a discarded bag from Costcutter laying to one side of the figure, and Katie could see six empty cans of special brew protruding from a split in the side. The stench of body odour and alcohol was familiar. Alex was at the office, for once. Katie let out a loud sigh of despair and wondered how she was going to write her article whilst playing nurse to an intoxicated, middle aged man again.

She approached Alex, taking a tissue out of her pocket. Crudely wrapping the tissue around her hand so as not to come into contact with his vomit stained clothing, she vigorously shook him. “Alex, wake up!”.

Alex awoke suddenly, letting out a loud groan as he came to and sitting bolt upright, almost head butting Katie in the process. Katie hopped to one side and retracted instinctively. “Where, where, what?” was all he could manage in response, voice alarmed and croaky.

Katie grimaced. She hadn’t signed up for this. The sooner the editor at Closer magazine started reading obscure trashy legal news blogs looking for talent the better. She had anonymously sent enough links after all.

“You’re at the office, Alex. It’s the morning”. Katie spoke loudly, as one would at a confused elderly relative, or someone with limited English.

“What? Is it Friday?” came the panicked response. Alex tried to stand, but as he rose to his feet he slipped and fell back down, hitting his head on the door. Katie instinctively reached out to help, but withdrew on seeing the sweat patches under each arm on what was once a smart white shirt, but now looked like a hobo’s charity shop donation.

Katie leant over and again loudly spoke to Alex. “No, Alex, it’s Tuesday. September 26th.”. She paused for a second. Yes, she thought, she should clarify. “2017. OK?”.

Alex’s face turned from bright red to white. “Already? But… No!”. He pulled his phone from his pocket, almost dropping it. Finally steadying himself, Alex unlocked the device and refreshed the page on the internet browser. Katie immediately recognised the site as none other than Legal Cheek. It was the first time she had seen Alex check it on his phone.

Alex let out a long frustrated moan. He arose, this time grabbing the metal handle on the office door for support, groping for his keys with his free hand. His grip was shaky but he managed to slip the key into the lock, opening the door and striding into the office with Katie following.

Alex kept his keys out and unsteadily moved towards the bookshelf at the far end of the room. On the shelf sat a small lock box, the type used by market traders to store their cash. He opened the box and upturned it, a shower of small change falling out.

“No, it’s not enough!” Alex exclaimed, crouched on the floor grabbing at the coins that had fallen on the floor. Katie was stood by the doorway, watching the scene quizzically. “Katie, don’t just stand there, help me count!”

“What’s going on?” was all Katie could manage, disbelieving what she was seeing. This was bizarre even for Alex. Usually, he would just sleep off his hangovers then leave.

Alex looked back, desperately, from where he was crouched “I need to hire a lawyer. A real one. I need money”.

Katie couldn’t understand still what was happening. “What? A lawyer? Why?”

Alex sank to the floor, head in hands. “They’ve finally caught up with us Katie. I thought we could do it. Years we’ve been copying and pasting their stuff. I knew they were laughing at us, and I thought if we wrote enough dross they wouldn’t see us as a threat and let us do it. But they’ve had enough and they told me last week if we copied their latest stuff they would issue proceedings.”. Alex looked up at Katie, bloodshot eyes unable to focus. “I must’ve passed out last Thursday. I didn’t get to you and Tom in time to tell you to stop for now. You copied at least two of their stories. We’re done for.”. Alex didn’t disclose that his homemade snakebite had been the cause of the blackout, his increasing resilience to the pungent mixture leading him to ever stronger and stronger mixtures.

Katie suddenly had a sinking feeling. This was the day that was spoken about in their office in hushed tones, that they hoped would never happen. She had done her bit, churning out article after article about lawyer cat memes and bake-off lawyers, and anything else with a tenuous link to law that no respectable publication would go near. Tom had even written one about an adult movie actress and so many retention rate ones, but the smoke screen had faded, as she knew it would eventually.

“So Roll on Friday are lawyering up?” she asked, trying to sound resolute. “What are our options?”.

Alex visibly tried to pull himself together. “We’ve got to think of something. I can’t go back to the garage floor.”. He shook his head in despair. “But I’ve got no money for a proper law firm!”.

Katie looked around the room, trying to think of something, anything to help. Eventually, her eye fell on a yellow post-it note attached to her dusty screen. On it was the name and number of a fellow, sometime Legal Cheek writer. He had the unfortunate distinction of also being called Alex. Alex Wade had been through the Legal Cheek offices a few times over the years, complete with dark tan, wearing a hoody, shorts and flip flops, regaling Tom with stories of surfing in Hawaii and California, and even playing a few tunes on his acoustic guitar. Katie recalled a memory in the distant recesses of her mind. She did not like the other Alex, but one day had flirted with him briefly, to make Tom jealous, and he had boastfully mentioned he had been a lawyer.

Katie grabbed the post it and passed it to Alex, who looked down at it, confused. “Call him. He’s a lawyer. A trendy media lawyer, no less”.

Alex groaned, shaking his head. “But that won’t work. Roll on Friday won’t care. No one knows who he is!”.

Katie grinned. “Don’t worry. We just have to make out, in a big article, that we have hired a law firm. Just act like it’s news, and that they’re the best law firm ever. No one will know what’s going on except Roll on Friday. That’ll show them.”.

Alex couldn’t believe Katie had cooked this up so quickly, but was grateful she had. He set to work on the most fawning article of his career.



Are you not tired?


Maximus Decimus Meridius

Are you not entertained?






Don’t ever stop these, Frustrated Writer. Please.



‘5/5 – A phenomenal insight into the offices of the legal cheek team’



No, it’s because they can’t tell the difference between copyright and trade mark.



“Top law firm” – good one.



What kind of discount are you getting for writing this article?



You are not news!!


Listicles are dead

Breaking- Legal Cheek reports on legal Cheek. Like boxers talking in the 3rd person.



Legal Ego Cheek thinks this is news. What can we hope for next? An interview featuring Alex’s rise from nothing to nothing? Please spare us



Maybe KK, Alex and Tommy will get offered training contracts? Then again, maybe not…



Pupillage for Tom – finally.



They’d love to bag one with a city outfit – probably where they went wrong in the first place, using language like that


Smug LPC Law advocate

Was it them who advised you to cuck yourselves within 30 seconds flat to Jolyon Maugham QC when he complained that you referred to him intending to stand as an MP, despite that being exactly what he had done?



Reviewed and Cleared reminds me of a grumble mag from the ’70s called Spanked and Subdued.



Booooooring. Must be a slow news day Alex when you have to look at what’s going on in your own office to write stories …



Alex – delusions of grandeur writing this silly story. Nobody cares about this or who provides your gas or wi-fi. Or what you had for breakfast. No need to share.



Legal Cheek writes about Legal Cheek, and probably still got all the facts wrong.



The misreporting started with the words “your favourite website”



Wow! Legal Cheek have actually written a story about themselves!! If this was a parody website about LC I would think it was stretching it but they’ve done this for real. All time low Alex!!!!


Bumcheeks McGuffin

What a story. This will help my ambition to know things for free that I can use in situations which might open up opportunities that can make me money. I want to make money for myself, and you have to get to the top of the greasy pole somehow. It’s a cruel world, and I intend to embrace that cruelty by leveraging information in my own interests and know something that others with whom I compete might not know in order to increase my capability to buy possessions and interests in order to increase my wealth. Whenever I get money, I will spend it on me, and buy things and spend my money situations that bring the opportunity to make me more money. I will only spend my money on others insofar as it will benefit me directly or raise the prospect of my making more money. So thanks, Legal Cheek: I can’t believe you mugs have shared your information without asking for any money for it so that I and others like me can increase the amount of money that we have in a never ending cycle of joyous money making.


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