Morning round-up

Morning round-up: Thursday 14 September

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The morning’s top legal affairs news stories

Modern slavery at UK Traveller site may be tip of iceberg, warns judge [The Guardian]

Barrister who hoarded papers died when they set alight on hob and burned down luxury flat, inquest hears [The Telegraph]

Uber legal chief is stepping down as new CEO sets agenda [Skift]

Putting ‘kiwi and banana’ on road was dangerous charge withdrawn [Coleraine Times]

Afraid of the competition? SRA ratchets up rhetoric in row with SRA [Legal Futures]

Judge sends Martin Shkreli to jail for Facebook post offering bounty for Hillary Clinton’s hair [CNBC]

A high-profile law firm has filed a complaint alleging Macy’s racially profiles Asian shoppers [Quartz]

Bitcoin exchanges lack ‘legal’ basis; ban to follow? [Cryptocoins News]

BPTC & LPC graduates sought for County Court Advocate roles: Immediate start [Legal Cheek Hub]

“Magic Circle trainee here — I usually take an hour. No one cares unless I’m going to miss a deadline as a result. It just means I accept I’m likely to go home at 9 instead of 8, but for the sake of having a break and seeing my friends in my cohort it’s worth it.” [Legal Cheek comments]

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U mad bro!!!


Not Amused

Introducing non-regulated entities in to an otherwise in-regulated market is an objectively stupid thing to do for two reasons:

1. The regulated entities necessarily carry higher cost burdens so inevitably cannot compete; and,
2. There was probably a good reason why we as a society regulated these entities to begin with.

Those arguments will remain true whatever ad hominem attack the SRA now launches upon me or upon anyone else who happens to point out these arguments. We might think it is pretty contemptuous for a regulator to resort to such behaviour – but then we already know they are pretty contemptible.



‘Modern slavery at UK Traveller site may be tip of iceberg, warns judge ‘

Funny how people only give a damn about disabled people when it presents them with an excuse to condemn travellers.

Still waiting for UK judges’ condemnation of the UK for its ‘grave and systematic’ abuse of disabled people through austerity and welfare reform. That’s pretty widespread too and here’s an example:

Off you go, then, exercise your sudden concern for disabled people once more.



Thank you for linking to a 2-year-old article.

And what did the UN say again? I’m sorry but I can’t remember, despite your posting about this time after time.


Corbyn. Symphathiser

I believe that the UN said that the UK’s treatment of treatment of disabled people was abusive, and that it was described as “grave and systematic” – with austerity and welfare reform being considered to be the driving forces behind this appalling treatment.

I am not an expert in the matter, however. For more, I recommend you consult Anon 9:54.



You’re not an expert. You’re an imposter.



My word, how upsetting for you, having to peruse an article that is the whole of two years old.

Why don’t you write a stern letter to the gentleman with cerebral palsy forced to bathe in a paddling pool, reprimanding him for the distress you’ve suffered due to the grand age of the article?


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