‘You’re fired’: Louise Mensch ditches her lawyer… on Twitter

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A very public spat

Ex-MP and journalist Louise Mensch

Former Conservative MP turned investigative journalist Louise Mensch appears to have dropped her pro bono lawyer in an extraordinary Twitter row.

High-profile attorney Mark S. Zaid had been representing Mensch in a freedom of information lawsuit. The pair wanted details of government investigations into Russian interference in the US presidential election, according to Washington insiders’ bible The Hill.

Last night Zaid got into what seemed like a routine Twitter disagreement (embedded below) with Evan McMullin, who came to prominence in 2016 when he ran as an independent candidate against Hilary Clinton and Donald Trump.

Linking to a New York Times article about fake Russian Facebook accounts, McMullin tweeted:

Zaid hit back:

Prompting this reply from McMullin:

Responding, the experienced lawyer branded the former presidential candidate “pathetic”:

So far, so Twitter, you might think. But it looks like Mensch has taken exception to her lawyer’s debating style:

And Washington-based Zaid seemed happy to be shot of his outspoken client.

Following the spat, Zaid quickly filed a notice with the US District Court of the District of Columbia removing Mensch as his client. According to US website The Daily Caller, it said:

The undersigned counsel hereby notifies this Court that Plaintiff Louise Mensch has terminated their legal representation effective immediately.

This isn’t first time Zaid and Mensch have clashed over Twitter. Earlier this year, Zaid publicly questioned a Mensch story claiming that a “sealed indictment” has been granted against President of the United States Donald Trump.

Mensch, who quit as MP for Corby to move Stateside in 2012, has been accused by the Guardian of endorsing “fake details of criminal inquiries into Trump”, but has hit back in a blog post defending her coverage as based on independent sources.

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Real piece of work is our Louise



Why is anyone taking that babbling lunatic seriously?



Its coming in to the Autumn, and hot takes are an abundant source of fuel.



You can’t get a cigarette paper between the veracity of the Russia narrative pushed by “respectable” news organisations like the NYT, Washington Post-Op, Grauniad, etc, and the Russia narrative pushed by this babbling lunatic as you put it



😀 😀
Have a day off you enormous clown for the love of God…



If I called someone “pathetic” in a real life, face to face argument, I would quite rightly think I had lost my temper, and once I had found it again I would be embarrassed and feel obliged to apologise. From time to time everyone lashes out and loses their temper, but for most people it is a rare thing and their regular discourse, even with people they disagree with or dislike, is civil.

On twitter the opposite seems to be true. Otherwise sensible people regularly broadcast speech to the world in a tone that (you would hope) they would never (or very rarely, see above) use in a one on one conversation. It really is extraordinary how speaking on the internet changes people.



That’s nothing… You should hear my tone when I’m driving around central London!! Far worse than my internet rants!!



She is genuinely not well.


Just Anonymous

Pretty poor reading comprehension skills from Mensch there.

Zaid was clearly calling McMullin’s argument “pathetic” – not McMullin himself.



This daft woman had completely disappeared off my radar.

Which I kind of liked.



She’s still quite hot though.



Fair point. Not so much in that picture though.


Open Minded

I don’t know- it draws to mind Edvard Munch’s ‘The Scream’ if you like that kind of thing



Very observant. It so does. 🙂



High profile? Don’t you mean ‘top’?


Top Swirling Dervish Woo Celebrity Fashion Guru in a Kaleidescope of Geometric Forms

Who is Louise Mencsh?
Why is this news?
Is it psychiatric?
Do we need to get WHO (psychiatric) to actually read the article? If so why, in one sentence please?



She is not relevant.

Katie Hopkins 2.0



What a nugget!



Le nougat total!


Lord Harley Davidson of Council Flat

Miss Minge, I am more than happy to provide you with legal representation.


Harley xoxo


Ciaran Goggins

Louise Mensch? Same Louise Mensch who named Ched Evans “victim” on social media but was not arrested by North Wales Police? Just checking.



Clearly has a screw loose – having children with her would be letting yourself in to a whole world of pain.



That’s’ why you use the back door. Bumbum= no tumtum


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