Millions of pounds up for grabs as Inns of Court BPTC scholarship deadline looms

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Students have until 3 November to apply

Wannabe barristers have just two weeks left to get their hands on a slice of a multi-million pound scholarship fund courtesy of the Inns of Court.

Each year, the four Inns — Gray’s Inn, Middle Temple, Inner Temple and Lincoln’s Inn — dish out large sums of cash to help hundreds of Bar Professional Training Course (BPTC) students across England and Wales. The scholarships, which are awarded based on merit, range in value depending on the bar hopeful’s personal resources and needs.

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The bigger Inns tend to offer between £1 million and £1.5 million a year in BPTC scholarships. The smallest of the four, Gray’s Inn, awarded 59 aspiring barristers a share of £838,500 last year.

Though there’s plenty of cash up for grabs, unlike marketing-savvy City law firms, the Inns are more muted in their approach to promoting the substantial subsidies. As a result many bar students — who can fork out northwards of £18,000 for a spot on the vocational course, according to our BPTC Most List 2017-18 — are unaware they even exist.

But fear not, there’s still time. Wannabe barristers have until Friday 3 November (be sure to check differing deadline times on this day) to apply and do not have to be a member of a particular Inn to be considered. However, if successful, students must be a member of the Inn in order to collect the cash.

So what are the Inns looking for in a successful candidate? Well, while the Inns do apply their own assessment criteria, there are some overarching themes. These include, among other things, academic strength and motivation to succeed as a barrister.

The application process is fairly standard. Following an initial written form, successful students will be asked to attend an interview at the Inn itself. As an added incentive to apply, some Inns will even reimburse reasonable travel expenses for applicants living outside London.

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Shameful lack of publicity about scholarship deadline by the Inns. It’s almost as if they want the £5 million in cash to go to their own sons and daughters.


Just Anonymous


That was a nasty, ill-judged article when written.

It remains a nasty, ill-judged article now.

Representing to students that the Inn Scholarship process is overrun by nepotism is untrue, unfair and irresponsible.



The truth hurts Tarquin


Just Anonymous

Not the most persuasive retort when you don’t know who I am or what my background is.



Agreed, original article was very unfair to the person it concerned.



That’s ridiculous. If you wish to become a barrister, then being able to find out a deadline really shouldn’t be too much to ask of you.


Not Amused

Dear Aspirant Barristers,

Please apply for a Scholarship. Please ignore the peddlers of hate and just get on with making an application.





For the first time ever I completely agree with Not Amused. You’d be mad not to apply for these scholarships.



Never happened before, but I couldn’t agree more with NA. Scholarships are vital for both funding and actually getting pupillage, get applying!


Scouser of Counsel

My annual advice:

Even if you’re not due a first from Oxbridge- APPLY. You have nothing to lose by doing so.

As a fairly average student on for a 2:1 at a non-Oxbridge Russell Group university, I was not going to bother, until two days before the deadline a fellow student advised me to on the basis that I had nothing to lose. I assumed that all scholarship winners were Oxbridge-first types.

I applied.

I was interviewed.

I got a top scholarship that paid for my entire BVC (as it was then) with money left over.

Prospective BPTC students-

“do it”.




Top advice. Slam dem bitterz.



Whenever I know I will see “Trainee X” I always ensure to “accidentally” leave my flies undone. I do not wear underwear.



Nattyman. SO natty.



Is it appropriate to touch a trainee on her shoulder?



If giving heartfelt advice, yes. So long as the hand doesn’t slip down to the bosom, unless consensually. Implied consent if her hand is on you.



Happened to me.

Panel saw me Tenas and gave me a scholarship because they felt sorry for me.


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