Mystery shrouds departure of junior solicitor duo from Debevoise

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They arrived from a magic circle firm just months ago

Two junior solicitors at the London office of Debevoise & Plimpton have left the firm under mysterious circumstances.

Legal Cheek understands that the two associates, who we have identified but chosen not to name, have parted ways with the top-paying firm despite both only arriving from a magic circle outfit several months ago.

Contrary to reports claiming they were given their marching orders, sources have told Legal Cheek that the duo were not sacked but simply left Debevoise last week. The firm has since wiped their profiles from its website, although versions (anonymised screenshots below) remain accessible via the Google Cache. Debevoise declined to comment.

Since the pair’s curious departure, one of the solicitors has taken steps to erase all traces of his brief spell at Debevoise from his LinkedIn page. The other’s profile still shows him being at the firm.

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Headquartered in New York, Debevoise — which is renowned for its private equity, funds and litigation work — offers around eight City training contracts each year. It’s also one of the best-paying firms in the City: first year trainees earn £50,000, second years £55,000 and the newly qualified salary is a massive £120,000. Lord Goldsmith QC, the firm’s London co-managing partner, is a former Attorney General for England and Wales.

The Debevoise departures came in the same week the firm was drafted in to investigate sexual harassment allegations against the American film producer Harvey Weinstein. The Weinstein Company — the independent production company that Weinstein himself helped found — has called upon the lawyer services of the firm’s New York partner John Kiernan, as well as lawyers from other firms.

Legal Cheek has contacted the two solicitors and asked them to comment, so far without response.

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Very mysterious…



Firstly, how is this even a story?! People come and go all the time! Secondly, and most importantly, why is it when its 2 white males you choose not to display their faces/names but any other story you post, especially of women & BME’s you blast it across your site?



How do you know they are white?



You can slightly see the tops of their hair. I see no afro dude.

Attention to detail is why I’m a lawyer.



And either the first one is a woman, or is a man who has made a very odd shirt choice.



It’s called a tie m7



didn’t mention their names because you know you don’t have a story, you’re unnecessarily linking them to harvey weinstein, and they are smart/well-connected enough to f*ck legalcheek if their names were tarred for no reason.


Watch out for the big man

ooooh, you’re ‘ard



Yet another story lifted from RoF.



This adds nothing to the RoF story — who cares whether they were told to go or ‘asked to leave’?


Jones Day Partner

Are they still on the market?


Tommy's nana xoxo

Another day, another story pinched off RoF. Well done Tommy!



Fuck off Tommy



You have “identified but chosen not to name”? That’s absolutely ludicrous. Unless Debevoise have named them to Legal Cheek, you certainly have not “identified”. You have “chosen not to name” because you are fully aware that naming somebody in an article (I use that word loosely – this is worse than your usual trash “journalism”) would be defamatory. This piece should be removed.



I can’t see how they could take any defamation action if (as the associates in question haven’t denied) the story is true, no matter how “well connected” they are.


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