New multi-million pound megacourt described as ‘terrific advert for post-Brexit Britain’ given thumbs up from City

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New Lord Chief Justice ‘delighted’ by news, that will see number of existing courts shut down

Fleet Street, London. Image credit: Josep Renalias

It’s looking increasingly likely a host of City of London courts will be shut down and replaced by a multi-million pound megacourt, located right by the Inns and the Rolls Building.

The proposals would see the closure of the City of London magistrates and county courts located on Queen Victoria Street — a main road near Bank station that’s also home to the Church of Scientology of London and the Salvation Army’s headquarters. Court closures have become far from uncommon in recent history, the Ministry of Justice just last year announcing 86 courts would be shutting their doors.

However, with these latest planned closures come the proposed creation of a new court in the Fleet Street area (about 15 minutes’ walk from Queen Victoria Street). Fleet Street is close to the Royal Courts of Justice and the Inns of Court.

Details on the new court are thin on the ground, but the plan is it will include current magistrates and civil court services. Its speciality will be fraud, economic crime and cyber crime — this demonstrating the interconnectedness of financial and legal services. Both services have been hot topics in the Brexit debate. It’s also understood the new court will have 18 courtrooms. By comparison, the Rolls Building has 31.

The latest big news is that the City of London Corporation has now backed the proposals. Next steps include the completion of a feasibility study to analyse cost implications, though it’s already being anticipated the project will cost tens, maybe hundreds, of millions of pounds.

Despite this, the news has been well-received by both the judiciary and the government. Representing the former, new Lord Chief Justice Sir Ian Burnett said:

I’m delighted by the City’s announcement today, which underlines its commitment to delivering justice in the City…The judiciary looks forward to working with the City and HMCTS to make this a reality.

Conservative Party politician and Justice Minister Dominic Raab spoke highly of the plans too. He believes the court reinforces “the City’s world-leading reputation as the number one place to do business and resolve disputes”, and is “a terrific advert for post-Brexit Britain”.

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Dominic Raab is the utterest of twats



Just waiting for all the remoaner comments. Suck on your lemons losers!



Oh dear, they have enough trouble organising themselves in the courts that have 4 or 5 courtrooms, heaven knows how they’ll come with merging 4 or 5 courthouses into one location.



What real connection does this have with brexit?



+Anonymousjucylemon… article 50 is still revocable, PM’s May is remoaner willing to destroy the UK with a disaster Brexit and your comment is the reflection of why Brexit is not going to work.



Brexit will not work at all. It is not workable. There is no point talking about a super court if Brexit actually goes ahead. Just shut the lot of them and let Britain gradually involve into a John Carpenter Escape-From-New-York-esque prison.



Aye with Not Amused as Snake Plisskin and Trumpenkrieg playing the John Carpenter synthesiser music in the background




What a movie. What. A. Movie.


What a f**king waste of money when people are dying in the NHS because lack of fund .School are short of teachers. Roads full of pot holes .People relying on food bank. Hope you house get burgle or your child get kill by a drunk driver then the court will be a wonderful place



But, but, but, we’re going to have £350 million a week to spend on whatever we want, according to Boris el Mentiroso. It’s all going to be rosy, whatever John Carpenter says!



Waiting for you children get kill by gangs then the court will be great. Or your elderly died because lack of fund for the NHS


2004 called, said it wants its stock image back

That musty stock picture of Fleet Street heading down to Ludgate Hill is as old as Methuselah.



“a terrific advert for post-Brexit Britain”

Raab’s never been one to let the lack of a feasibility study get in the way of mindless optimism about leaving the EU



This is because he is the human embodiment of a throbbing phallus.



This post has been removed because it breached Legal Cheek’s comments policy.


The Bar Necessities

Excellent. Lots of taxpayer money for some nice swanky new courts for economic crime, fraud, chancery and commercial stuff. Rather less taxpayer money for a functioning court system to deal with all the less commercially exciting stuff. And as little taxpayer money for a basic legal aid system.

Although its not like we haven’t known for some time where this government’s priorities lie. Its like the Rolls Building artwork business all over again…



Awww – give the judges a break, they have already taken a huge pay cut leaving independent practice, they have had their pensions looted, they have lost favourable spousal provisions, they have lost their wigs and gowns and are miserable cos they feel unappreciated and misunderstood by society, the least the taxpayer can do is give them plush digs which will still be less expensive that a prison would cost to build.



Are there plans for a Sharia court to operate from the building ?



Only if their users are granted full legal aid.



What’s the point in building new courts if fewer and fewer people have access to justice via legal aid each year?



It glorifies judges in their own minds.


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