Pro bone-o: Eversheds Sutherland to devote entire office floor to dogs

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Unfortunately it’s just for a day

International law firm Eversheds Sutherland will reserve an entire floor of its plush London office for the dogs of its staff.

The City outfit will allow its London-based lawyers and support staff to bring their four-legged friends to work for a day as part of a new wellbeing initiative. This will see experts from dog trainers Canine Creche Group (CCG) head down to the office to give tips and advice to staff on how to best care for their canine counterparts.

The special day will take place later this year, and is separate to the more widely recognised Bring Your Dog to Work Day (23 June). Eversheds has also stressed that the event will be contained to just one floor, and that those suffering from allergies can hot-desk elsewhere in the building.

“We’ve been considering this for a while and, having received universally positive feedback on the concept, I am really keen that we make this happen,” said the firm’s co-chief executive officer, Lee Ranson. He continued:

The health and wellbeing of our people is critical to us and we think this will be a fun and enjoyable addition to our varied programme of wellbeing events. I look forward to hosting our canine friends at Eversheds Sutherland.

However, the firm — recently formed through a transatlantic merger between UK-based outfit Eversheds and US law firm Sutherland Asbill & Brennan — isn’t the first to take a more literal approach to pro bone-o.

Earlier this summer, fellow international player Norton Rose Fulbright got into the spirit of the 23 June national day. Check out these cute furry friends:

#bringyourdogtoworkday #dogstrust @dogstrust @nlawglobal @nlawgrad

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So bring-your-dog-to-work day may be the highlight of my career 🐶 #GoodBoy #Pupper #Labrador #DogsTrust

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But some law firms go one step further and draft in a dog on a permanent basis.

In 2015, Legal Cheek reported that North East outfit Hewitts Solicitors had its own office pup called Hewie.

Hewie (image via Hewitts)

Speaking at the time, Hewitts’ senior partner, John Turner, explained how Hewie has “free run of the office apart from the waiting room and the interview rooms” and is a great “stress-buster”.

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Jones Day Partner

We have dogs in all our offices every day.

Jones Day Equity Partner

You must’ve misheard – its doggy, in the office every day, not dogs.


we should have this at universities too


Some do a “stress relief puppy” event around exams. Basically, you get to sit and play with a puppy for an hour as a break from studying.

I was disappointed to find it was not in fact a room resembling a ball bit, but with puppies.

Jones Day Partner

We have a trainee carry out that role.


I would have loved a stress relief puppy event in exam season!


This story is barking. Time for Tom to be shown the Labra-door.


Tom should be dragged out of the office by the Collier for this story


Tom thinks he’s the dog’s b*llocks, but he’s actually just b*llocks


What, no joked in the comments section about “bitches”??!!



To be fair, they’re probably more qualified than most of the Eversheds’ staff


Slow news day?


In all seriousness, I think this is a wonderful idea. There is plenty of evidence showing that dogs confer us humans both physical and psychogical benefits.

It’s also nice go see some city firms approaching the topic of mental health and well-being in a non-awkward manner.

Random 2017

What if you don’t like dogs, are scared of dogs or are allergic? Work is supposed to be a neutral zone, not one that causes your allergies to flare up.


Obviously the office would have several dedicated dog-free zones. That’s common sense health and safety.


People who don’t like dogs are frankly weirdos.

Random 2017

I don’t like your mum so I guess that makes me weird.


That’s not what you said to her last night.

David Gilroy


Thanks for that- brightened up my day!

Deejay O'flaherty

As a life long animal lover, I think this is great.


but r u even vegan bro?


I dont want to see a little Shit-su on the underground to work! Keep them at home


Shih-tzu you moron.

Ex Eversheds employee

This post has been removed because it breached Legal Cheek’s comments policy.


Loyal and loving – who gets that in the office nowadays – bring on the doggie days.

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