Released: The 2018 Firms, Chambers and Law Schools Most Lists

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How did your favourite legal institutions fare?

The most in-depth, informative and entertaining law careers resource on the internet has gone live for the 2017-18 graduate recruitment year.

At the top of the billing is the Legal Cheek Firms Most List 2018, which contains everything you need to know about the UK’s leading 70 corporate law firms. The list features a combined 50,000 words of copy detailing every nook and cranny of the magic circle, global elite, London-based US and national UK law firms. In addition to The Legal Cheek View — which is full of anonymous quotes from trainees and other insiders within City law firms — each firm has its own scorecard detailing how they performed in this year’s Legal Cheek Trainee and Junior Lawyer Survey that we conducted over the summer.

Plus there’s average arrive and leave times for each firm, data that reveals the chances of doing international and client secondments, all the latest pay info (including newly qualified money as well as trainee remuneration), hours targets, diversity statistics and much more.

Next up is our new Chambers Most List 2018, which contains key facts and figures about the nation’s leading 50 commercial-focused sets of barristers. The list features pupillage award and advance drawdown figures for each chambers, alongside junior and QC gender diversity figures. We have also broken down how many new tenants at each set studied at Oxbridge. Finally, there is the new ‘In the junior barristers’ own words’ section that we have begun rolling out across the list.

Last but not least is our brand new for 2018 Law School Lists. Split into three sub-lists, the GDL Most List 2018, the LPC Most List 2018 and the BPTC Most List 2018, there are a total of over 100 separate profiles containing detailed insights about every one of the nation’s vocational law courses. Each profile contains its own The Legal Cheek View section, chock full of insight and anonymous quotes from students and recent graduates of the courses. Plus there’s all the latest fee information, entry requirement details and course number figures.

The Firms Most List [Legal Cheek]

The Chambers Most List [Legal Cheek]

The GDL Most List [Legal Cheek]

The LPC Most List [Legal Cheek]

The BPTC Most List [Legal Cheek]

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The most sponsored content list



Ah the Legal Cheek Moist Lisp



Waiting on Frustrated Writer with bated breath.



How about a favourite legal journalist list.


The ballad of Legal Cheek

Hey hey,
You got the KK, the AA,
The Tom C,
The LC three,
It’s plain to see
None of them got a TC.

It really must burn
That they’ve never worked at a firm,
And instead they’re p*ssed
That they only get to write the Most list.



It’s like a sad Christmas wish list of all the firms/chambers that Alex, Tom and Katie dreamt of working at …



Hahahahahaha. Funny cos it’s true.



Alex could work in a firm, if they wanted someone to make the tea



I thought Alex was a lawyer?



No, Alex is NOT a lawyer, although he’d like to think so. Judging from the way he writes, he lacks the intellect and analytical skills required.


Commercial sets, commercial firms. Boooring.



No mention of Amal Clooney in the Chambers list? Is this really a genuine Legal Cheek list?



Where’s the article about HSF reducing TC numbers by 10 spaces?



“This list features a combined 50,000 words of copy…” At least Alex is being open about LC nicking stuff now.



And he’s so proud that there’s 50,000 words of verbose, inarticulate drivel.



Christ, LC commenters are arseholes.



Hi Alex!!


Jones Day Equity Partner

My penis is engorged.



^ Tom, this has been up for an hour.



Nice double entendre






… it’s still up.


At interview, Old Square said that they’re raising their award to 50k from 2018 onwards.



Most of the info is going to be out of date soon …



As in pupils starting 2018 will receive 50k apparently



I don’t understand this LC article, there’s no instagram hashtag, buzzfeed lite listicle or even the word Wannabe



So many data entries are incorrect, and CLEARLY incorrect.

Burges Salmon has an office in London for client meetings etc. only – no one permanently works there. It’s quite proud of having all its lawyers on one site. Collegiate and all that. Legal Cheek has done various events there so it really should know.

Just one example. Another is TLT’s salaries – based on the London workers, who form a minority – Bristol is the bigger office and there are other offices too.

I like these collections of data – they can be really useful – but maybe slightly more focus on basic fact checking, if can’t take that long. As it stands, I have to double check anything interesting myself, as I don’t have confidence in the data as it is presented.

Another note – why do firms not disclose the female/race percentages? At least be honest. Saying “undisclosed” just makes people feel like you’re trying to hide something and assume the score is very very low. Low figures don’t necessarily demonstrate inequality – there may be legit reasons.



More than half of my trainee intake were women and about one third were ethnic. The issue is not at TC level but retention and promotion, which, if you look at the senior associates at most MC/US firms, is disproportionally skewed in favour of white middle class males. As long as appraisals retain subjective perceptions of ‘fit’, non-traditional candidates will continue to struggle for inclusion, recognition and promotion.



Yep – a lot of it is wrong and inaccurate. That’s Legal Cheek for you.



Truly astounding – Alex boasts about the number of words (50,000) – but how many are actually the correct words?



At a quick glance I’ve already spotted a few errors and out of date points about my own firm. Not sure I’d really trust using this list as a tool when swotting up about any other firm …



I also think a lot of negative feedback in the surveys are either moderated or disregarded. The trainees at my firm had written scathing feedback on this survey, yet oddly the firm managed a B in many parameters.


We were just saying the same thing. I’m a trainee at a firm that LC has marked with a lot of A and B grades – we are a relatively small intake. Having spoken to others , a lot of us scored negative points that haven’t been picked up by LC. Seems fishy.


I agree with the first comment – it is frustrating that LC can’t get simple stuff right. I’ll just go to the firm’s actual website to find out most of the information I need rather than rely on this inaccurate data by Legal Cheek



If I made as many mistakes in my drafting as appear in these Most Lists, the partner I work for would throw a complete hissy fit!



I really want to be a partner at Kirkland & Ellis.


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