‘A+ trolling’: Oxford University Law School makes Vote Leave jibe in official exam report

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Thanked students for not writing answers on buses

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The University of Oxford’s EU law team has been commended for its “A+ trolling” after it poked fun at the Vote Leave campaign in its 2017 examiners’ report.

Law students will likely be familiar with these reports, which are compiled to give students and staff a rundown of how the academic year went. Buried in page 28 of Oxford’s end of year run-through — alongside to-be-expected information such as the percentage of students scoring firsts and the general procedure for marking papers — was this excellent line:

“All scripts were written in the standard answer books. No one wrote on the side of a bus. We are grateful for this. Experiences suggest it is hard to tell the truth about the EU when using such a medium.”

Legal Cheek can only assume this comment is in relation to Vote Leave’s infamous £350 million bus message (pictured top), which continues to provoke controversy to this day.

The jibe featured in the Oxford report’s ‘European Union Law’ section, which then follows with a more in-depth look at the questions answered by students.

The latest comments from across Legal Cheek

Highlights here include “’O it’s the subsidiarity question!’ thought too many students brightly, before trotting out their prepared answer” in relation to question three, and a warning that “a simple uncritical trundle through the case law isn’t enough” for high marks on question five. Legal Cheek can confirm the report’s sections on the international trade exam, the labour law exam and the personal property exam weren’t quite so animated.

Back to the bus comment, which was posted on Twitter by Katy Sheridan, a Bachelor of Civil Law (BCL) student at Oxford.

Suffice to say it tickled many Twitter users, attracting comments including “A+ trolling” and “superb”.

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This post has been removed because it breached Legal Cheek’s comments policy.



You tell us. You’re the one holed up in the basement of a government building in St Petersburg you clot…



Curb your anti-white hatred.



This post has been removed because it breached Legal Cheek’s comments policy.



You sound a bit sinister. You make my spine tingle. Care to join me for a tea at my local Turkish bath?

Corbyn. Symphathiser

Curb your posting.



Curb your Impostering, sissy.


This post has been removed because it breached Legal Cheek’s comments policy.



Way to go Trumpenkriegosovich – not 1 not 2 but 4 posts removed for unsuitable content.

I can just hear you wailing about being over-censored like the little snowflake you are..

Aww bless…



Do you think it’s a bit neurotic to censor a post which simply points out that George Soros has made a donation to his Open Society Foundation, which is a verifiable fact?


Corbyn. Symphathiser

This post has been removed because it breached Legal Cheek’s comments policy.








And what about the lies of the Remain campaign?

You remember. All about how a vote to leave would result in instant economic collapse, mass unemployment and a general descent back to the stone age. Remember George Osborne’s infamous claim that we would need an immediate punishment – I mean emergency – budget, to deal with it.

Just for consistency, Oxford University, are you going to condemn those lies too? Oxford? Oxford? You’ve suddenly gone very quiet, Oxford…



Take a look at the GBP to EUR graph.



Do you want to put some meat on those bones, little doggy? Or are you going to bark all day? Woof.


Sexual Harassment Panda

Except it’s all completely true.



With a name like trumpenkrieg do we expect anything less of the honorable gentleman?


Not Amused

People who voted Leave, or who argued to vote Leave, received non stop trolling. Quite often being accused of ignorance by people who knew very little indeed. The insults directed at them were vile and unceasing. Those insults have carried on on a daily basis ever since the referendum. A little bit more trolling is just water off a duck’s back by this stage.

If I had voted Remain I would by now be thoroughly ashamed at this behaviour. As I know many decent people who did vote Remain, I can only assume that they are.


A trainee

If there’s a place for an anti-Brexit joke, the examiner’s report of an EU Law FHS paper is probably it….

Whether you voted leave or remain, the bus thing was definitely misleading (even if it didn’t technically mean what most understood it to mean) and, given the context (a giant bus touring the UK), it will be easy material for jokes for many years to come.


A trainee

and EU law tutorials are probably the most anti EU environment I’ve ever been in (excluding dinner at my grandfather’s). Not pro-Brexit, but it’s usually 60 mins of analysing and ripping into the EU institutions/ECJ



You should be ashamed of your behaviour. You have condemned the country down a dark path for at least the next 5-10 years, and you have condemned a generation to countless harm. Of course you’re getting stick for it, you’ve f*cked it for us. And you have the cheek to try and turn it on its head and make people feel ashamed for doing nothing but fight their rightful corner. You really are a horrible little snake.



All the doom and gloom about Brexit is the same material wheeled out about joining the Euro and how we were condemning ourselves to isolation and financial ruin if we did not join the Euro, that did not happen. Similarly, the Treasury during the referendum published a report in which they said hundreds of thousands of jobs would be lost on a vote to leave, not leaving, a vote to leave, that has not happened. It was predicted we would need an emergency budget on a vote to leave that did not happen. Foreign investment would abandon the UK the reverse has happened, the City would be doomed when it’s recently been confirmed as the number 1 financial centre in the world again (notwithstanding the Brexit vote). Perhaps people need to stop predicting because inevitably you will be wrong unless it’s we are not doomed.



Look ladies and gents a real camel. Nice and warm with its head buried in the sand.

Dear me


Sexual Harassment Panda

We’re fighting for the country’s future mate.

I’m not remotely ashamed of your thin skin not coping with the truth of your awful act of self harm.



You should be “thoroughly ashamed” of some of the utter nonsense I recall you spouting post and pre-referendum where you refused to contemplate that there would be legion adverse effects as a result of leaving the EU and bandied around the words “passporting” and “equivalence” in some vain, arrogant attempt to make it sound like you knew what you were talking about.

Which is deeply ironic really as you were only too happy to retread that tired line Gove came out with about the UK’s citizens having had enough of experts.

You are totally shameless aren’t you !



Students should be pleased.

There will be loads of minimum wage jobs going when the Eastern Europeans lose their right to work here. This part-time work can mitigate your tuition fees.

Frontier workers have stolen your jobs, thinking that they are a career for remittances to send back to weaker currency countries.

Unless you don’t want to work.



There are plenty of jobs for all of them, and more. Once we close our doors, we will lack necessary labour and we will all pay the consequences.


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