Jedward filmed a Britney Spears-inspired music video from the Irish High Court

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By Thomas Connelly on

Pop duo had been there to settle £550,000 merchandising dispute

Irish pop singers John and Edward Grimes (Jedward) have adopted their own unique approach to combating the tedium that often comes with complex commercial disputes.

The bleach blonde duo were, until last week, locked in a €625,000 (£552,440) merchandising dispute with Irish businessman PJ Noonan.

Noonan had claimed, among other things, that the singers had agreed to reimburse costs he had incurred relating to the development of Jedward-branded goodies, including boardgames and wristbands. The case, which reached Ireland’s High Court in Dublin last week, eventually settled for an undisclosed sum.

However, it would appear Jedward weren’t all that fazed by their legal woes.

A video (embedded below) — posted on Twitter — suggests the pair spent time wandering the corridors and outdoor spaces of the Irish court lip-syncing pop songs.

The video’s track list begins with Piece of Me and Stronger by Britney Spears, an artist Jedward have performed with in the past. After moving on to Kanye West’s Stronger, the duo then punted for Survivor’s Eye of the Tiger, before finishing with Ed Sheeran’s number one hit Galway Girl.

However, could Jedward’s amusing antics land them in hot water? Legal Cheek understands that in Ireland, the position on filming while on court grounds is a bit vague — though there are no statutory laws prohibiting filming, judges could impose penalties for contempt. A spokeperson for the court told the Irish Sun that such behaviour is “strongly discouraged”.

The video isn’t the only hilarious by-product of the former X Factor contestants’ recent stint in court. Last week, Legal Cheek couldn’t resist sharing a photograph of Jedward posing alongside their barrister, Desmond Murphy.

He looks absolutely thrilled.

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