Law Society chief says sorry for his ‘joke’ about TV presenter Mishal Husain

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Serious cringing ensued

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The Law Society of England and Wales’ president Joe Egan has apologised after he made a remark about a TV presenter that some have interpreted as sexist.

Mishal Husain (pictured top left), who regularly appears on BBC shows such as the Today programme and BBC News, was drafted in by Chancery Lane bigwigs to help compère its “Excellence Awards”. Husain studied law both at Cambridge and later in Italy.

With the awards having been handed out, the glitzy affair at the five-star London Hilton in Mayfair then took a turn when Egan (pictured top right) delivered his closing speech.

According to weekly legal blog RollOnFriday, the Bolton-based solicitor allegedly said “words to the effect of”:

“Thank you all for coming. If none of you had come, it wouldn’t have been any good. It would have just been me and Mishal on our own. Which, actually…”

Unnamed sources are reported by the blog to have claimed that he then “raised his eyebrows suggestively”.

Apparently the ill-judged comment was met with “heads in hands” and “mass cringing”. Egan — who was only elevated to the top spot earlier this summer — has apologised for the remark. In a statement issued to Legal Cheek and other publications he said:

“I am sorry if any off the cuff remarks caused offence to Mishal, this was never my intention.”

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Not Amused

The Today programme is on the wireless young Thomas …



Look, he’s just an attractive man at the top of his game celebrating his eligibility via a public platform that he has reached through years of hard work.



Is that sarcasm?



A society that cannot accommodate a mild joke such as this is a society that is ripe for takeover by people from societies which have no such qualms and sensibilities.



so true Trumpenkrieg!!


Just Anonymous

Exactly the same was said of Tim Hunt: that he had made a crass, offensive, sexist remark, which had rightly insulted his audience.

Then the full recording emerged, which revealed that Hunt had actually made a harmless self-deprecating joke – at his own expense – and the bulk of his audience had clearly interpreted it as such.

But by then the damage had already been done.

So forgive me if I pay little attention to this story without further evidence.



“According to weekly legal blog RollOnFriday”



Getting tired of this witch hunt


Fact check

Erm guys. I’m not sure that is Mishal Husain the background.

If it is then she looks a lot to how she used to be.


Fact check

I stand corrected. Went to Google and all stacks up. I still think she’s changed though……perhaps it’s just called getting older.



What a load of nonsense.
The fact that it has been read, even by me, is unbelievable.


John Huggins

Anyone in that audience who was offended should go home and look very carefully at themselves in a mirror. Joe Egan is an ordinary bloke from Bolton who has done alright for himself and was apparently making a mildly amusing comment to liven up his speech. I have the man on numerous occasions and can vouch for the fact he is about as sexist as a table leg.
The expression ‘get a life’ springs readily to mind. Where is this sort of rubbish going to end



I was at the event. It’s not something to refer to the police but the very make up of who gave out prizes and who won prizes made a major statement me!


Augustine Samuel Asabah

Hi Law Society Best Regards . Literally legally TV show is the best etiquette for any nations awareness for future etiquette, any thing which is not written down nor Televise to be the evidences of the victims that penalized the legal justice will face the intrinsic wrath of the law. News is the nations etiquette for their agitations not to be a plight with the government for the people, the law society TV show or news is for global etiquette against the vulnerable misconduct on the fundamental human rights for justice. UoL Law Student kindly Regards At Weekend






Man pays compliment through joke.

The Professionally Offended cringe.

What did Mishal think by the way?



Quite a creepy compliment



Oh you bloody dinosaurs. No one enjoys whining about it. It’s so uncomfortable isn’t it. But it needs to be done. Clearly. Because nothing is stopping these arseholes from doing it to women at practically every turn.

If it has never happened to you, if you have never been embarrassed or sexualised or demeaned (never mind groped) because of your gender in front of other people or indeed in private, then for god’s sake be quiet for a little while at least and let us get through this unpleasantness (which is so little to bear really in the face of what generations of women and young men have been put through).


Ciaran Goggins

He split up with Gerry Rafferty?


World ( Mental) Health Organisation

Isn’t being a TV presenter like being a LC journalist or something?


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