ULaw unveils new Sadiq Khan scholarship

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More high-profile names may be announced

The University of Law (ULaw) has launched two brand new scholarships for low income students, one named after London Mayor Sadiq Khan and the other after Baroness Sayeeda Warsi.

Both Khan and Warsi are ULaw alumni and enjoyed legal careers before sidestepping into politics (and becoming household names).

Khan worked as a human rights lawyer and served as the chair of advocacy group Liberty, while Warsi, the youngest peer in parliament when she was elevated aged 36, used to be a solicitor at the Crown Prosecution Service.

Baroness Sayeeda Warsi

In April this year ULaw awarded honorary doctorates to the pair of politicians at a graduation ceremony held at the Barbican Centre.

Now ULaw’s celebration of its Legal Practice Course (LPC) graduates’ achievements have taken on a new life, the undergraduate and postgraduate degree provider unveiling what it’s called the Set for Success scholarships. These are full-fee scholarships, the two recipients having their 2018 LPC, Graduate Diploma in Law (GDL) or MA law fees waived.

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Khan, a University of North London (now part of London Metropolitan University) law graduate, said:

“I am delighted that this scholarship will encourage people from different walks of life to consider a career in law. I know that the experience my legal background gave me was vital when I decided to enter politics, and I am hopeful that the recipients of this scholarship award will go on to achieve great things for society, and for themselves, in the years ahead.”

To be eligible to apply, the aspiring lawyer must have obtained, or be expected to obtain, at least a 2:2 degree and have a household income of less than £25,000 per year. Applicants must also complete an online assessment, made up of 20 multiple choice questions, and, if successful, will be required to submit a 500-word essay on a law-related topic.

Though the scholarship is generous, there are only two up for grabs. That said, a ULaw spokesperson has told Legal Cheek there will potentially be other high-profile Set for Success scholarships announced over the next 12 months.

ULaw’s CEO and vice-chancellor, Andrea Nollent, commented:

“We believe in providing talented students from low income households with opportunities to access our award-winning training. Sadiq Khan is a great example of someone from a modest background who has gone on to an amazing career, and I know that he will be an inspiration to future students.”

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A scholarship named after a man who refuses to do anything noteworthy to combat terrorism in London (instead dismissing it as part and parcel of living in a big city) and keeps trying to force the issue of a second referendum? No thanks



Fake noos


Corbyn. Symphathiser

This is buffoonery. You are no better than Donald Trump.



Imposter cuck



This City needs a second referendum. London is finished if we leave the EU.



I don’t know tbh.

If we leave the EU the Tories will turn us into an offshore jurisdiction. The City could diversify to that extent and boom, its just the rest of the country that will be eating tinned tuna for dinner for the next 20 years.


Alapoo Snackbar

Boom twang dunk splat





Not Amused

I’m not comfortable naming these after living politicians who still have careers.

Wait till they retire or die, or name them after older politicians. This is an oddly political move and I’m not sure it is appropriate.


Corbyn. Symphathiser

*spends years boosting Brexit on Legal Cheek dot com*
*utterly refuses to address any arguments against Brexit*
*sees a Labour politician’s face as the lead of a story*
*complains that politics has gone too far*
*is Not Amused*

Thanks again, Brexit Explainer.



500 words and 20 multiple choice questions after a 2.2. I wonder if they already know who is going to get them !


Mr. Charles

Both Labour politicians as well – not very balanced, where is the Liz Truss Scholarship, awarded to students with a minimal understanding of the law and a love of cheese…


Corbyn. Symphathiser

Baroness Warsi is a Tory, and was co-chair of the Conservative Party as well as being Minsiter Without Portfolio in David Cameron’s government, until she resigned due to the administration’s poor thinking on Palestine.

The reason there is no Liz Truss scholarship is because she is an imbecile.

I hope this helps.


Ena B St John

Warsi is a Tory. She was chairman of the party!


Corbyn. Symphathiser

Mwahaha! I pipped you to the post!



Corbyn. Sympathiser. Is an imposter cuck.



This post has been removed because it breached Legal Cheek’s comments policy.



I suggest basing your 500 word essay on how much of a twat Khan is.



Cynical marketing ploy only….


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