Morning round-up: Friday 15 December

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The morning’s top legal affairs news stories

Baroness Hale ‘hoping for three women’ to join Supreme Court bench [The Telegraph]

Deporting EU rough sleepers from UK unlawful, High Court rules [BBC News]

Laws for safe use of driverless cars to be ready by 2021 [The Guardian]

UK judge suggests following ECJ law after Brexit fearing backlash by Remainers [Express]

The latest comments from across Legal Cheek

Judge slams police as rape trial of student, 22, collapses after officers sat on evidence that cleared him [Mail Online]

Lawyer began throwing drug-fuelled ‘chem sex’ parties after being diagnosed with HIV, court hears [Independent]

Butlins faces legal action over dodgems hijab ban [The Guardian]

Video shows one of Trump’s judicial nominees struggling to answer basic legal questions during a Senate committee hearing [Business Insider]

Technology: Disrupting the law and lawyers with Travers Smith [Legal Cheek Hub]

“Waste of money and time. Replace the bloody LPC with practical work or figure something else that would actually help one’s career once they start. Utter shambles. Worse than the LLB.” [Legal Cheek comments]

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