Westminster law graduate set to make a million after choosing celebrity jungle over corporate law

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Twenty-five times more than she would have earned as a trainee

An aspiring corporate lawyer’s decision to put her solicitor career on hold has really paid off: she’s now favourite to win I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here and looks set to make a million pounds.

Made In Chelsea star Georgia Toffolo has gone from relatively unknown reality TV personality to household name during her time in the Australian jungle, impressing viewers with her can-do attitude to tasks and her unlikely friendship with her (now former) campmate Stanley Johnson, i.e. Boris Johnson’s dad. One Bushtucker Trial even saw her strapped to the floor in a box full of pythons suspended 20 metres in the air.

But before all this madness, the well-spoken reality star harboured ambitions to work in corporate law. Having studied law as well as politics at the University of Westminster, she worked at a family-run solicitors firm in Devon and a divorce law specialist called Family Law in Partnership in London, according to reports. Legal Cheek also understands the 23-year-old, who is believed to be worth about £800,000, has experience shadowing judges in court.

Now a world away from law, Toffolo, known as Toff, is the bookies’ favourite to win I’m A Celebrity with odds of 1/5. Snatching the title would see the TV personality follow in the footsteps of previous winners including Kerry Katona, Matt Willis and Vicky Pattison.

But, The Sun reports, it seems as though Toff will come away from the jungle with more than just the crown. Mark Borkowski, who heads up a PR company, reckons Toff has “a very bright future in front of her” and is “on the road to make a million”.

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It seems her decision to put her corporate law dreams on hold has paid off, then. As Legal Cheek’s The Firms Most List shows, trainees at the absolute best paying firms in the City look set to earn £50,000 in their first year (before tax), though sums in the 30 and 40 thousands are far more common.

This means Toff’s millionaire predictions stand her in good stead to make about 25 times as much as a City trainee, or 20 times as much as the highest-paid trainees. Newly qualified lawyers at these firms can earn in excess of £100,000 — an amazing salary, but still far short of the million Borkowski reckons Toff could make. “She’s a smart girl, she’s definitely got a future,” he added.

While Toff’s wealth looks set to rise, unlike some of her fellow campmates she hasn’t pulled in an impressive fee from TV bosses. According to reports, again in The Sun, the well-spoken reality star has been paid just £13,000 for her jungle stint. This makes her the lowest paid contestant on the show and means she received just 4% of what fellow campmate Amir Khan, a boxer, got (£300,000).

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Jones Day Partner

This post has been removed because it breached Legal Cheek’s comments policy.



Did she not say during the dingo dollar challenge with Stanley that she didn’t finish either degree? If true, not really putting her legal career on hold is it?



Moral of the article: Go on a reality TV show, instead of pursuing a career in law.




Tbh the best she could have done with the law degree from Westminster is to become a paralegal’s assistant’s secretary in a high street firm anyway.



In Doncaster..



At Irwin Mitchell…



Not according to the recent statistics. That University (and no I did not go there), is doing rather well in relation to city law firms’ trainee intakes.






Ketchup. Sometimes brown.



Lies, damned lies, and statistics



Well they do need pool cleaners



In the good old days she would have done both Nuts and Zoo shoots upon leaving the jungle. Swiftly followed by some £200 TV appearances before disappearing off screen.



And reappearing in the three-digit freeview channels as at best a watch or perfume saleswoman or at worst a hostess with electrical tape across her nipples



You sure do paint a picture trumpy.



Katie just give up with these articles plz



Well done Toff, she is actually pretty cool and does have a steely determination / can do attitude as picked up on in the article.



The girl might have had city law dreams but lets be real, she was never going to become on working in small family firms now was she…



Some incredibly snobby comments here.



First time here..?



Must be. These comments are quite tame considering the title is such obvious comment bait. Here’s one for you, she never had a choice, no city law firm would have taken that poly scum



Go to a fourth-tier university, expect a fourth-tier treatment.

I personally went to Exetah (a firmly third-tier university) after being rejected from Cambridge and Durham. It worked out rather well.



How did it work out well?

You have a job in a legal sweat shop where you’re (probably) paid well to do what is in reality menial work involving fuck all law and fuck all thinking.

Long days, nights at your desk, no girlfriend or wife and your few friends think you’re a bore.

And the firm will bin you the moment profits dip.

But you’ll still have your dick.


Fed up of lazy bones

No ambition, doesn’t want to work. Rather do reality tv which won’t last forever. Maybe go back and finish those degrees soon? You know, once you’ve pocketed the reality tv money that you don’t need anyway and you not got because you ahoo need to be picked for another ‘so-called reality’ tv show. Take the money and get your degree done.


Fed up of lazy bones

Damn autocorrect! 🤦🏻‍♀️


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