Law grad’s solicitor dream in peril following assault on pregnant girlfriend

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But every case will be dealt with on its merits, SRA insists

Teesside Magistrates’ Court

A young law graduate’s hopes of becoming a high-flying solicitor now hang in the balance after he admitted to assaulting his pregnant girlfriend.

Harris Imran, 24, put his pregnant partner in “a headlock and grabbed her by the throat” after she threatened to tell his close friend she was carrying his unborn child, according to Gazette Live.

Teesside Magistrates’ Court heard that Imran — who was due to begin his Legal Practice Course (LPC) later this year — had been “disowned” by his Muslim family after he entered a mixed-race relationship. He was reportedly “terrified” his friend would shun him too. When Imran’s girlfriend threatened to message the friend in question and reveal she was 17 weeks pregnant, this caused Imran to “flip out”.

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Pleading guilty to common assault, Imran was given a 12-month conditional discharge and ordered to pay £105 in costs. But perhaps the law grad’s greatest punishment is still to come.

Defence lawyer Callum Terry told the court that Imran, who recently finished a law degree and had spent time working as a paralegal in Newcastle, “wanted to become a solicitor”. But it’s an ambition, according to Terry, that may never be fulfilled. He said:

“That route will be closed to him and he won’t be admitted as a solicitor which is a significant barrier to him moving forward.”

But there could still be hope for Imran. “All potential entrants to the profession must complete the Suitability Test, which includes declaring any past convictions, to see if they are a fit and proper person to deliver legal services to the public,” a spokesperson for the Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA) told Legal Cheek. They continued:

“Every application is dealt with on its merits, there are no convictions or otherwise that lead to an automatic refusal.”

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This post has been removed because it breached Legal Cheek’s comments policy.



A bit like Christianity and Judaism. All religion is brutal.

I channel hopped to Songs of Praise last night. What a load of rubbish.



Not sure what part of the Islamic faith preaches race segregation.

Given this chap is South Asian, I suspect it has more to do with backward/traditional familial traditions.



This post has been removed because it breached Legal Cheek’s comments policy.



They may as well just auto-remove all of the nonsense you post. Vermin.


Corbyn. Symphathiser

Whilst I agree that Trumpenkrieg is a highly distasteful character, to say the least, I would refrain from calling him ‘vermin’, as that sort of dehumanising language is exactly what he and his Nazi mates advocate. I don’t mean to reprimand – I’m not the arbiter of morals here – but that’s just my feeling.

It’s quite sad, since I think he began as a gimmick poster, as I’ve mentioned numerous times before, and perhaps that is still the case – but there’s no difference online between being a Nazi ‘ironically’ and actually advocating for Nazism.

Luckily his brand of politics was thrown in in bin decades ago and if the sad losers who still adhere to it get another go they’ll be tossed away again.



>”Luckily his brand of politics was thrown in in bin decades ago”

>”The Alt Right is a major threat, we need tougher hate crime laws and no platform for these people on campus”

pick one


Corbyn. Symphathiser

I don’t have to, because I didn’t say the second thing you said. Is this an example of the infamous superior aryan mind in action?



I find the idea that you’re not worried by the resurgence of the far right as funny as I find the idea of you personally physically “tossing away” anybody, of any political persuasion, let alone a fascist.


Corbyn. Symphathiser

I’m not especially interested in what a Nazi finds funny, to be honest.


That is why you track my posts round the clock.

Corbyn. Symphathiser

I don’t know how to track your posts. I am a regular reader of LC and, like you, am a regular poster.

I reply to your posts to illustrate to other readers who and what you are: a bigot and a Nazi.

I can assure you I don’t read you posts for the non-existent humour. Nazis aren’t funny, after all.


I personally don’t see much difference between Trumpenkrieg and the vast majority of other anonymous posters on here. They all spout similar ideology.



Maybe he’s just a dick?






I feel like this article was written from a really strange angle.
Why isn’t the title something like ‘Pregnant woman strangled by law student’?
As soon as you assault your partner, particularly if they’re vulnerable, I no longer give a damn about your career ambitions.


Corbyn. Symphathiser

This is a good take, in my opinion.



Definitely agree. Some weird way to try and picture the guilty as the victim.



I agree with Anonymous of 2.15pm 15/01. The editorial stance taken on the way the reporter has covered the story, and the headline itself, are clearly at odds with how a significant number of posters feel about the incident. Meg – at 10.25pm – sums it up well. If I was the editor, I would take another look at how this story fits in the #MeToo and #TimesUp age. It’s wide of the mark.



She was antagonising him purely to get a reaction out of him. She got what she deserved. She ruined his family life and she was trying to ruin his social life. She is a physcho.



How is this any of her fault? Why is she taking the blame for a grown mans actions?


According to the Law Society I'm "fit..."

All potential entrants to the profession must complete the Suitability Test… Every application is dealt with on its merits”

I’m pretty sure this response is to deal with minor offences committed by an applicant in the past, not assaulting their pregnant girlfriend. He will never be admitted, and rightly so.


Fat ugly feminist

The problem is male violence not religion


Baron Jeff.

He doesn’t need a fine, he needs hanging.


Henry mostyn

This post has been removed because it breached Legal Cheek’s comments policy.


Henry mostyn

Why is legalcheek afraid of the truth?



What are the chances he’ll get off scot-free because of his ethnicity or religion?


Henry mostyn

Can’t you read, the article clearly says he’s been punished by getting discharged into for 12 months – an awful punishment!



Most lenient sentence a Magistrates’ Court can impose save an absolute discharge.

Far too lenient, probs because the court took account of his cultural background where that’s OK.

What have we imported?


Henry mostyn

I don’t see what’s so lenient about being discharged into for 12 months – and as for an absolute discharge, I don’t even want to imagine what that would be like!
I’ve had a few discharged in my Eton and shoreditch clubbing days, but none of em have been absolute!!



Common assault is filtered from crb checks. Following a human rights challenge in 2013. He only needs to declare convictions on the non filtered list. Of which common assault defined under section 39 of the criminal justice act 1988 is not a part of.


Whooski Fuckypoo

Common assault is not a statutory offence, it’s a common law offence. S.39 defines the punishment, not the offence itself.



Pretty light sentence – can’t understand why in an age of “me too” hysteria, beating up your pregnant girlfriend results in a discharge and a £105 costs award. As a society, do we have our priorities right?



He basically beat up his pregnant girlfriend because his family and friends didn’t like her. Sad person.



Poor lass. She probably did not have the experience to realise what she was up against.

The lad may initially have under estimated the power of a religious mindset on his friends and family and now he understands he is backing the strongest team.

I would be surprised if he gets clobbered because, as the current definition goes, it would be racist for the sra to penalise him.

Interesting that the cos did not run it as a racially or religious motivated assault even though his defence narrative admits it was ! But again, to do so would be racist by 2018 lights.



**Law grad’s solicitor dream in peril following assault on pregnant girlfriend**

‘Violent law grad faces ban on entering profession following assault on pregnant girlfriend.’

There you go, I removed the victim blaming from your f****** disgraceful headline.



Slightly confused at the angle of reporting here. There was only one real victim…

Hint: not him.


Darren Boyle

Your approach on this story is appalling. This guy assaulted his pregnant girlfriend and has been convicted.
He should not be an officer of the court.
You should be quite clear. He is not the victim here.



Why the sympathetic portrayal of the guy? I don’t think anyone else is concerned that his “hopes hang in the balance”. And the weird statement that there “may still be hope” for him? Oh phew, for a moment there I was worried that the legal profession would be losing out on this gem!

Really struggling to understand how this managed to be published without someone questioning the headline and tone of the article. Very strange.


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