LPC pass rate among non-white students falls yet again

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GDL success rate also dropping for ethnic minorities

The percentage of black and ethnic minority (BME) students passing the Legal Practice Course (LPC) for would-be solicitors has fallen for the third year in a row.

Figures from the Solicitors Regulation Authority show that just shy of 80% of white students nailed the LPC in 2015/16, compared to around 52% of Asians and 40% of black candidates.

The pass rate for white LPCers has held steady over the past couple of years, but BME success rates have crashed. Asian students had a 59% completion rate when the SRA looked at this three years ago in 2013/14, while black students were at 49%.

Not passing the LPC can mean flunking it outright, although thankfully that’s pretty rare. More common reasons for not passing are dropping out, deferring or re-sitting exams, all of which BME students are more likely to do, according to the report.

The 2018 LPC Most List

A similar trend can be seen on law conversion courses.

Black Graduate Diploma in Law (GDL) students passed at a rate of 47% just a couple of years ago, but are now down to 33%. The pass rate for Asian students has fallen by a similar level over the same three-year period, from 60% to 46%. By contrast, 74% of white students passed the GDL last year.

Summing the disparity up, the regulator says that “students from ethnic groups other than white are less likely to successfully complete the [GDL] and the LPC”. Disabled students are also less likely to pass first time around, although competition rates are pretty much the same between men and women.

A report last month from the Bar Standards Board (BSB) showed that wannabe barristers from BME backgrounds are far less likely to secure pupillage when compared to their white peers — even when they have the same academic grades.

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The LPC is pretty easy so there must be more to this. Could it have something to do with foreign students with poor English skewing the results?


Half the story

Not sure why this got voted down. I would like to understand the reasons for this.



It was probably Corbyn. Sympathiser



Was going to ask this too – surely the results are irrelevant unless foreign students are excluded?



On the Bar Course there are students from the likes of Malaysia who can barely speak English. Fact, not racism.


Bobo the Clown

This is a non story. Real barrel scraping stuff.

Is the LPC not black or Asian friendly?

Why does colour matter? If you’re good enough, you pass, if you don’t, you fail.



Why don’t we make it easier for those candidates then? Only fair isn’t it?



Better get your fingers hovering above the delete button legal cheek, for when that imbecile trumpenkreig starts posting on this.



why would I need to make an inflammatory post when this article stands alone in validating the Alt Right world view

An anonymised exam where everybody has exactly the same pen and paper and length of time to complete the questions, all of which are based on a common syllabus which all participants have all had in advance with an equal opportunity to benefit from instruction in that syllabus

And yet minorities still can’t keep up

How many more hundreds of years will it take for you to stop making phony excuses of oppression to explain away inherent differences between the races?



The LPC is wacist! No doubt the examiners are giving higher marks to white people!!!1






I agree. The LPC was the easiest set of “exams” I have ever done. I believe it has something to do with the foreign students who don’t fully grasp concepts and therefore fail.



Good to see that in 2018 Trumpenkrieg is still a total C*nt!!!


For the many!

We should lower the pass Mark for ethnic minorities. Especially those with English as a second language.



Left wing ideological claptrap



Do you and Anonymous at 2:46pm have no sense of irony?



What have I just read (head in hands)

In the real world the people who can’t speak the language will be weeded out. If people want to spend an extortionate amount on a course, which is utterly useless, let them, it all helps the UK economy.



Who’s Mark?


Professional negligence lawyer

I agree. Please do this!!!!



This post has been removed because it breached Legal Cheek’s comments policy.


Whooski Fuckypoo

The course is obviously too Eurocentric and should be reviewed accordingly.

Perhaps blind marking could also help? There could be unconscious bias amongst markers of names are shown.


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