Suspended chemsex junior barrister fined £250 after posting on Facebook that he’d had lunch at Middle Temple

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Exclusive: Henry Hendron tells Legal Cheek he intends to challenge sanction

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A junior barrister who was suspended from the profession for three years following a conviction for drug offences has once again been penalised by the regulator, this time for posting on social media that he was having lunch at Middle Temple Hall.

In January 2015, Henry Hendron — formerly of Strand Chambers, London — was arrested after his boyfriend, Miguel Jimenez, was found dead with drugs in his system. The rookie barrister eventually pleaded guilty in March 2016 to two counts relating to possession of a controlled drug with intent to supply.

Hendron was handed a community order by the criminal courts with 18 months supervision and 140 hours unpaid work. In April last year, the Bar Standards Board (BSB) opted not to strike Hendron off, instead suspending him from practice for three years.

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Now, almost a year on, we can reveal the BSB has fined Hendron for posting on Facebook that he was having lunch at Middle Temple Hall in London.

The BSB’s Professional Conduct Commitee (PCC) considered two allegations of misconduct, according to documents seen by Legal Cheek. Firstly, that Hendron attended Middle Temple allegedly in breach of his original suspension order. Secondly, he posted on Facebook that he was in breach his suspension order, and therefore demonstrated “a disregard for the authority and force of the order and [the] regulator”.

The PCC concluded, on the balance of probabilities, Hendron’s conduct in respect of his social media post was capable of diminishing public trust and confidence in the profession and therefore constituted a breach of BSB rules. He was fined £250.

However, the PCC did note there was insufficient evidence to find that Hendron’s attendance at Middle Temple in itself constituted a breach of BSB rules. It acknowledged Hendron, as a member of the public, was entitled to attend the Inn as a guest of a current member.

Unfortunately, it seems the suspended barrister’s run-in with the regulator isn’t yet done and dusted.

Hendron has told Legal Cheek he is preparing judicial review proceedings against the BSB after being told he’d have to cough up £100 in order to appeal the PCC’s decision. He told us:

“From the start of my career at the bar I have campaigned for those who would otherwise be left behind. I am now in that seat myself. I will fight the BSB until justice is done. I intend to bring JR proceedings next week. I am only sad that my own regulator is so stuck in an era of the past, that does not belong in the present, where only those with gold in their pocket can speak; that is not a regime I wish to be part of. The fight begins.”

A spokesperson for the BSB told Legal Cheek:

“The BSB does not comment as to whether or not individual barristers are the subject of a complaint or a disciplinary investigation. If a complaint is received, or if information about potential misconduct by a barrister comes to our attention, it is dealt with in accordance with the procedures set out in detail on our website.”

Hendron — who was called to the bar in 2006 — has represented a number of high-profile clients including former The Apprentice winner Stella English, the Earl of Cardigan, and Conservative politician Nadine Dorries. In 2014, Hendron was fined £2,000 by the BSB after blogging during the trial of former deputy speaker of the House of Commons Nigel Evans MP.

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What does “rookie” mean in Legal Cheek house style? Whatever else Mr Hendron is or is not, he is no “rookie”. He was called 12 years ago and was head of his own chambers. Someone took silk this year who was called the same year as Mr Hendron.



Those in the profession would have described him as junior counsel rather than a rookie.



Perhaps by “rookie”, you mean ‘charlatan’.



This post has been removed because it breached Legal Cheek’s comments policy.



if part of his suspension involved entering the premises of middle temple – then that is final. he breached that.

if he was silly enough, as paragraph 5 of the article states – to post”on Facebook that he was in breach his suspension order” what does he expect? Im imagining something to the effect of – having lunch at MT even tho my order prohibits me from being here – although probably more colourful language….. what an immature thing to have done


Just Anonymous

I don’t think that’s quite right.

By dining at MT, Hendron did not breach his suspension.

He was punished, not for breaching his suspension, but for publicly boasting that he was breaking it (even though in fact he was not.)

Now, if we apply a little common sense to this situation (slightly dangerous I know):

Hendron is suspended from practice. Being suspended from practice does not stop you from dining in the Inns. That is a fact so patently obvious, you don’t need a hearing to determine it.

In fact, it’s so obvious, I can’t believe Hendron seriously thought he was violating the suspension.

Thus, the most likely explanation is that Hendron was making a silly joke, and certain people have taken seriously that which was never intended to be taken seriously.



So embarassing



Henry Hendron is utterly shameless. He needs to learn how to take his medicine and play by the same rules as everyone else. He has always been an embarrassment to the profession.



Always thought he was a publicity seeking cnut myself.



It’s their parents I feel sorry for.



Who cares



Hendron is a shrewd operator and I am sure knows what he is doing.

He managed to survive disbarment, in unbelievable circumstances. I suspect this last incident is simply Hendron “playing” with the BSB. This feed simply plays into Hendrons hands.



Hello Henry. Whatever the opposite of shrewd is, that is you. This JR step is madness.



The costs will be high if it is unsuccessful.

The BSB lawyers up with expensive Counsel as a deterrent.



If a high court judge signs off on a judgement in hendron’s favour, he or she will make the bsb and pcc look stupid.

I would therefore be very surprised if Hendron were to win.

As for helping the needy, the football manager’s riposte to an errant player comes to mind “You are no good to the needy sat in the stand suspended or bankrupt.”

Henry, you’ve had a lot of mercy sailing with all sheets open to the wind, if you are reading this. Be careful about putting yourself in a situation where you can get walloped. Hubris, I think they call it. Hubris Hendron. Defiance of the gods leading to nemesis.



I need to find this barrister and instruct him when/if he can work again. My kind of legal dude.



You like assholes?



This post has been removed because it breached Legal Cheek’s comments policy.



What petty little apparatchiks the BSB are.

The BSB are embarrassing themselves, again.


Huan Kerr




Who reported him? Interested know who this was.



Shameless degenerate.


Sir David Nappy

Perhaps Henry will instruct Lord Harley of Counsel in this most serious piece of litigation.

I’m not sure who the bigger fool is tho’ out of the two of them.



With Harley at least you wouldn’t worry about catching something by mere proximity.



A drug taking, law breaking lawyer?.
Seems highly qualified.


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