Top corporate law firm subject of social media storm after legal letter to football club surfaces online

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PR headache for Blake Morgan

A top corporate law firm has been caught in the middle of a football-based social media row after a legal letter it sent on behalf of a client was posted on Twitter.

Yesterday afternoon, Dulwich Hamlet FC received a letter from national law firm Blake Morgan, on behalf of its client Greendales IP. The letter says that “Dulwich Hamlet Football Club”, “The Hamlet” and “DHFC” had been registered as trademarks in October 2017. Continuing, the legal letter (in full below) warns that those trademarks should “no longer be used on any printed literature and any online activity including websites and twitter”.

A copy of the letter received by Dulwich Hamlet FC

Greendales IP is understood to be a subsidiary of Meadow Residential, a property investment firm which owns Dulwich Hamlet FC’s ground, Champion Hill (pictured). The letter comes just 24 hours after Meadow Residential informed the football club that their licence to play at the stadium had been revoked. It’s understood this concerns an unanticipated bill for back rent of £121,000.

Appearing unhappy with the legal move, Dulwich Hamlet FC — which plays its football in the Bostik Premier Division — tweeted the letter in full from its official account, and in turn created a major public relations headache for Blake Morgan.

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One Twitter-goer compared the firm to a child:

While another appeared to question Blake Morgan’s decision to send the letter in the first place:

The online criticism continued:

The letter has so far racked up over 1,800 retweets and 1,300 likes including a re-share from former footballer turned respected TV presenter Gary Lineker.

A spokesperson for Blake Morgan said:

“We were asked to provide advice on trade mark law as part of our client’s complex discussions about land at Champion Hill. We’re aware commercial conversations between Meadow Partners and Dulwich Hamlet FC are ongoing, but are not party to these and cannot comment further.”

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“Top corporate law firm”?!

Who said that!?



I wouldn’t even consider them a mid-market corporate law firm, I’m not trying to be rude but factual here.



Particularly given they appear to be the sort of firm who deal with dodgy suburban businessmen, directors at about 500 different registered companies… etc… you know the type.



I had a relationship with a trainee from a Blake Morgan predecessor firm, he was (character wise) without doubt the biggest tool ever put on God’s earth.



I mostly click on Legal Cheek articles for the comments section and it hardly ever disappoints. 😂



I thought that was the reason why 98% of people go on legal cheek? I know that’s why I do


Not Alex

You should read the articles by these top journalists, and occasional rookies. You may learn some top info on City heavyweights like DWF and Irwin Mitchell. Also there’s an event we should all attend, I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw it was only £193 a ticket. Alex must be running at a loss the poor lamb. I bought an extra ticket to help him out.



Top bantz.



Bunch is wankers, that’s for sure.


BPTC student

Come on Legal Cheek, please open comments on the “Legal Cheek Awards 2018” article… It’s full of delightful nuggets and I am sure it will attract many a quality commenter.

Starting from the title (“Excitement builds”), through the headline (“Profession prepares for big night”), to the article itself (“the exclusive ceremony”, “mini-legal comedy mockumentary made by the Legal Cheek team”, “deluxe canapés followed by a disco”, “the hottest ticket in the legal calendar”)… it’s just pure gold.

To close comments under a piece like that is a crime against humanity.



How can CMS not be on the shortlist for best international secondments? They send trainees to Prague, Dubai, Moscow, Mexico City, Rio de Janeiro, Vienna, Beijing, Munich, and others. Few of the shortlisted firms offer international secondments like that.



That is pretty heavyweight. Beijing and Rio de Janeiro would be particularly interesting. I didn’t realise trainees could go to places like that on secondment!


Bun Bo

#boilerroom #kfc #shyte



The London office might be a boiler room and generally crap, but the international secondments are supposed to be quality. Live it up in Dubai for while, spend some time on the beach in Rio – can’t go wrong.



No “top” corporate firm would refer to a “trademark”. It is “trade mark” in the British English; as in, the Trade Marks Act 1994. I despair.



See, these are the kind of greasy maneuvers that made me want to be a lawyer in the first place. This is the epitome of a commercial lawyer’s career; using legal mechanisms to protect and advance a client’s commercial interests. The global elite firms all do the same thing, but on a significantly larger scale (both financially and internationally) which forces clients sensitive to investors on both sides to remain quiet as they navigate these moves.

This stuff is awesome leverage for Meadow Residential. They have a terrible current tenant and they probably want to build a couple hundred flats on the land once it’s vacated (which, given the housing crisis, may not be such a bad thing). They knew exactly what they were doing. In fact, this “bad PR” may dissuade the virtuous millennial layperson from instructing them on starting yet another high street barber shop, but a larger regional or national business will appreciate this tactical move.



Shame there is a covenant on the land protecting it’s use for sports.



Couldn’t you make an application under s 84 LPA 1925 to the Lands Chamber to have it modified or removed once the FC has been evicted? I know it’s a lengthy and expensive process, but given the potential value of a development of that size it would be worth it.



In the new flats put in a gym, some darts boards, and rooftop table tennis. Problem solved.



Funny that you look up to Meadow.

I imagine them to be dodgy, fat, suburban businessmen with about 3 failed marriages and a thousand directorships to their names. Though I must say my views are based on individual prejudice and are purely speculation.

If that’s the type of person you’d like to hang around with then good for you. I’d have thought the grassroots football club were a better set of lads.



An example of what wealthy people do when they are petty.


Lord Harley of Counsel

Jaflas are now patent agents.

Come to us for all your needs.


Lost 4chan-er

>blake morgan
>top at anything

literally what



What a bunch of idiots, there is clear provision in the TMA94 for owners of earlier unregistered rights to carry on if it is confined to their locality. Definitely not a “top” firm.


William T Fox

Blake Morgan, ‘currently top 50’.
Next year ‘top 500’.
Stay classy


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