Crowdfunding success: LSE students awarded compensation over mouldy halls of residence

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Outed ‘severe rodent infestations’ and ‘noisy construction works’

A number of students at the London School of Economics have secured compensation over rubbish living conditions in one of their student halls, after crowdfunding more than £5,000 to help with the dispute.

A group of more than 215 students went public with their halls of residence woes last summer, with a CrowdJustice page that described “severe rodent infestations”, “widespread black mould”, “noisy construction works” and “non-functional ventilation systems” at Sidney Webb House. It was alleged these poor living conditions created “health crises” among the student residents.

Images of damp and mould posted on Sidney Webb House Facebook page

David Greene, a partner at Edwin Coe who represented the students pro bono, told Legal Cheek the £5,000 raised was used to pay for experts to look at materials in the building and to consider the impact this was having on the health of its residents. It was further claimed that back in March last year a “noisy construction project invaded the residence” during a busy exam period, which allegedly created “psychological distress and physical illness”.

Now, as exam season comes back around again, we’re happy to report the students’ Sidney Webb Action Group has reached a settlement with LSE and its halls management company, Unite Students.

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LSE and Unite Students have agreed to issue a formal apology, and each of the residents is set to receive a small sum in compensation. Greene is “very pleased” with the result, telling Legal Cheek:

“These cases are very difficult because you have a diverse, temporary community living in these types of accommodation. They’re people of not great means, and they’re up against a large institution. Crowdfunding worked — it helped us secure a decent settlement.”

The Sidley Webb group action is one of many cases to take flight off the back of crowdfunding success.

Other big-name cases that have been helped along by the CrowdJustice website include the dispute over the “invalid” NDA porn actress Stormy Daniels signed regarding her alleged sexual relationship with Donald Trump. This has so far raised $311,000 (£218,000). Part of the Article 50 Miller case was also crowdfunded.

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Jacob Rees-Mogg

If I could sum up London in 11 images…



nothing like Sommerset at all.



Where’s that, then?



This post has been removed because it breached Legal Cheek’s comments policy.



This post has been removed because it breached Legal Cheek’s comments policy.



MUMSY IS CUMING 4 U, ALeX!! ? !!!!



they gave students around 500gbp each, which is less than a month’s rent and I find outrageous as my bf lived there last year and his room was disgusting, it hadn’t had any work done or professional cleaning since opening in the 70s. Mouldy carpets, bathrooms filthy with old stains, no words to describe it!



Good for these students and the lawyers representing them. Landlords should not profit from premises in these conditions. Shame on LSE itself for not stepping in to do something about this.



Nothing a bit of bleach won’t sort.

Pity the youth of today don’t know how to clean for themselves.



Hey kids!

Did you know that that house you grew up in for 18 years before leaving home was not self-cleaning?

Did you know that bathrooms, windowsills and vents that don’t get a regular wash go mouldy?

Did you realise that Mum/Granny/Carer/ModernDad used to do all the scrubbing while you were busy checking Facebook?

No to all of the above?

Well boy do we have news for you….


Fortunately, we have the solution!

For just a few pounds you can buy a bucket, a mop, some cloths and a bottle of bleach. A few hours scrubbing and your accommodation is as good as new!

Or you could just sue the landlord….


Does your toilet have piles and piles of poo in them that just won’t go away on their own?

Do you need to sue your landlord, or is there an alternative solution?



30 millennial snowflakes didn’t like to hear the truth and went back to their safe spaces.




People living in squalor in a place named after the author of Clause IV and dishonest, propagandist books about the USSR under Stalin?

What a surprise!


Corbyn. Sympathiser

Uncle Joe was always truthful, fascist. Stop spreading lies!



Not even the real, sadly deluded Corbyn.Sympathiser would believe that.

Off with you, impostor.


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