University of Leeds criminal justice lecturer crowned ‘Law Teacher of the Year’

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Lydia Bleasdale beats competition from top unis including Cambridge, Durham and Queen’s Belfast

Lydia Bleasdale

A University of Leeds law lecturer has been named ‘Law Teacher of the Year’ 2018.

Lydia Bleasdale, an associate professor of law at the northern Russell Grouper, received the coveted accolade at the Celebrating Excellence in Law Teaching conference in Liverpool this week. Bleasdale saw off competition from: Durham University’s Lana Ashby, Queen’s University Belfast’s Kevin Brown, Cambridge University’s Amy Ludlow, Swansea University’s Richard Owen, and the University of Sussex’s Verona Ni Drisceoil.

The top teachers were marked against three key criteria: how their teaching “engages, motivates and inspires students”; how they demonstrate a “commitment to the development and support of their students as individuals”; and their use of “research or other academic activities to enhance students’ learning”.

The 2018 Firms Most List

The shortlisted teachers were judged by academics from the universities of Brighton, Leicester and Westminster, plus the senior publishing manager of Oxford University Press, which sponsors the award. The judges made their decisions based on campus visits and interviews with: the candidates, their students and heads of department.

Winning teacher Bleasdale graduated from Leeds with a 2:1 in law before studying a criminology masters at Oxford. Reflecting on her success, she said:

“I wanted to win the award for a couple of reasons… to show my seven-year-old daughter the positive impact that working parents, in particular, working mums can have. I also wanted to win it because of my students and for the law school as a whole — I can’t emphasise enough the support the law school at Leeds gives those who want to excel at teaching.”

Bleasdale was handed her award by last year’s winner, the University of Surrey’s Nick Clapham. Other previous winners include Lisa Webley of the University of Westminster and UCL’s Jane Holder.

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No doubt very well deserved, but can’t help but notice legal cheek has covered this year’s award, won by a University of Leeds lecturer, and the 2016 award, won by a Westminster lecturer, but has completely ignored the 2017 award won by University of Surrey lecturer Nicholas Clapham.
Any particular reason?


Legal cheek don’t do equality.



LC Team

BecUse he’s a man and they don’t need any more publicity.


I think you can take your tin hat off, as far as I can tell from a quick google the winner of the award has only been report twice on this site since 2011 (when LC was founded). So there have been six winners which LC did not report on, comprising, er 3 men and 3 women.


Ps It’s very obvious when you ‘like’ your own comment multiple times. No one clicks like or dislike for just one comment in the comment section, so when most comments have 3 or 4 ‘likes’ or ‘dislikes’ it’s clear that the 61+ ‘likes’ for one comment are fake.


lol – thanks to my 22 fans


Pretty girl


Lisa Webley is no longer at Westminster…

Prof Trump

Fair play but to be honest, these teachers are probably all extremely good compared to the awful lecturers we’ve had. The small distinctions between the nominees are too subjective and arbitrary to make to find a champion. Also, good teachers of difficult courses are discriminated against – case in point Prof Bleasdale teaches Crim Justice.

Instead of wasting resources to find the “best” teacher there should be more effort to increase teaching quality in general and fixing the truly awful teachers, which would be more useful for academia.


She isn’t a Professor (yet). Though she is an excellent teacher.

Prof Trump

Lydia Bleasdale, an associate professor


I’m just glad there is someone out there making sure there are good law rookies in the pipeline




But she lives in leeds


I would be embarrassed to enter such a ludicrous contest.

Basically a bunch of pointy-elbowed narcissists.

Ciaran Goggins

This post has been removed because it breached Legal Cheek’s comments policy.

Corbyn. Sympathiser



Yorkshire is such a desolate wasteland.

Big it up all you want, but in England there are three locales that matter:

1) London, the proto world capital, clearly streets ahead of everywhere else.

2) the North West, ie not just manchester, but taking into account the whole manchester-liverpool ecosystem. Both great cities full of character with the potential for economic greatness yet which are held back by the excessive focus on that there london.

3) birmingham and the broader West Midlands region – great big mass of people, lots of character, lots of business. At risk of becoming glorified commutersville with HS2, but a great business centre in its own right.

Then you have Yorkshire. A mixture of dilapidated former pit towns and towns masquerading as cities, plus Leeds. The Jewell in the crappy Yorkshire Crown, people think purely because it has the full range of high street shops as opposed to just a TK Maxx and H&M like it’s poorer cousin Sheffield. In reality these are desperate places.

Official rating

1. London
2. Manchester / Liverpool
3. Birmingham / West Country
4. Anywhere else in the uk
5. Yorkshire

7. Durham – FACT

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Yeah right London is part of England. As if.


Nah. It’s a city state all on its own with a totally different demographic, politics, economy and social system to the rest of the UK.

It’s a place that actually gives a fuck if a millennial gets triggered by being misgendered, and regards the cultural appropriation of hairstyles as a micro aggression being perpetrated by the descendants of slavers against the descendants of slaves.

Meanwhile the rest of the UK just gets on with it.


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This sounds like a judge hobosexual comment. Is his name being censored now?


This post has been removed because it breached Legal Cheek’s comments policy.


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