DLA Piper abandons policy to pay London and regional trainees equal salaries while on international secondments

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And not everyone is happy about it

DLA Piper has ditched a policy which ensured the firm’s London and regional trainees were paid the same while completing secondments overseas.

Until recently, the 90-office-outfit’s secondment policy saw that all UK rookies sent on international secondments were paid the London trainee rate. The sensible policy saw DLA’s regional lot receive a modest pay boost and, in theory, helped to avoid potentially awkward situations where two trainees would have received different salary rates despite being shipped to the same overseas office.

Legal Cheek’s Firms Most List shows that DLA’s London trainees receive a salary of £44,000, rising to £49,000 in year two, while their regional counterparts earn £27,000, rising to £30,000.

The 2018 Firms Most List

But DLA has now told its regional rookies there is no more secondment pay boost. A spokesperson said the “adjustment to the secondment policy for our UK regional offices” is part of a “new international graduate programme” for trainees in the UK, Hong Kong and Australia. They added:

“We are confident that we offer our trainees a fantastic programme with a generous secondment package that provides them with an international and commercially focused start to their careers that is quite unique to the legal market.”

The decision hasn’t gone down well with a number of firm’s trainees.

Speaking to legal blog RollOnFriday, one trainee said the policy decision “flies directly against the DLA ‘One UK’ policy”, while another argued that the uplift was “considered necessary” to help support those who still had financial commitments back home in the UK.

Salary grumblings aside, DLA’s international secondments are one of the outfit’s key selling points. Legal Cheek’s Trainee and Junior Lawyer Survey found nearly 30% of the firm’s rookies have spent time abroad in locations including Singapore, Dubai, Moscow, Sydney and Hong Kong. The results from the new Legal Cheek Trainee and Junior Survey 2018-19 will be revealed next month.

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Rebadged effort taken from this morning’s ROF. Well done.



ROF is a sh*t website.



Calm down Tom.



I’d rather walk into a Jones Day equity partner meeting dressed like a stripper than accept a training contract offer from PLA Diper. An awful, bloated mess of a firm.



What on Earth are you going on about? DLA is a perfectly decent firm, where did you establish it’s a “awful, bloated mess of a firm”?

Or actually, let’s hear where you work.


Jones Day Junior Partner

Have we met?



CMS has better international secondments in any event.


US MoneyLaw NQ

LOL, what is CMS?



Call me after work and I’ll tell you. I get up at 5am, so right about when you finish.



As if a CMS lawyer would get up at 5am ROFL



Highly likely when they traverse in from their hovel in Zone 9






They offer secondments to Beijing, Dubai, Rio de Janeiro, Mexico City, etc



Placing Dubai amongst that list of interesting cities…



Does the secondment to Mexico City include your own hostage negotiation lessons? Enjoy being kidnapped.



Well you should know that when kidnap/ransom insurance is taken out to cover an employee on busienss or secondment, it is of course always a policy condition that said employee should not know about it. So yes, on the face of things that is the situation.

Mexico City is fine if you keep your wits about you. Do you not like to travel? You come across as the sort of pr*ck that lives a sheltered life in a dull town in Surrey who enjoys the occasional jaunt to the south of France.

Live a little you boring c*nt.



Yeah, mate. It’s well exciting getting kidnapped…





Katie Kingkong


This way you’re well ahead of your monthly quota. Rumours have it Alex is planning to give you a raise!


A trust fund with a trust fund

£0 plus 10% is still £0 though



From the comments section on RoF:

“Is the point that living costs in a lot of the international secondment locations are high? Less of an issue when already used to paying for a London lifestyle, but more so when one is used to strolling into a pub in Leeds and buying a pint with a lump of coal.”




Moderately amusing at best. Stop plugging your own ROF comments on here for secondary validation.



How about you stop logging on and down voting to try and validate yourself you homophobic moron.


SC Secondee-to-be

Don’t understand the point about needing the uplift if you have expenses back home? The accommodation etc. is all provided for abroad so you can either stop renting in the UK and save yourself the money, or you can continue with renting/mortgage payments and you’re no better or worse off than if you remained in the UK. Plus there are travel uplifts to cover additional secondment expenses anyway.

That said, if you and a London trainee are doing the same job in the same city with the same costs, I’d be upset they were earning 60% more.



It would suggest to the layman that a second seat and onwards London trainee is a slicker billing machine than a Leeds or Sheffield one.

Sounds like fair dinkum to me.



Are you kidding? The work trainees do is on the whole quite easy and being in London doesn’t make anything harder. “Slicker billing machine” you are literally at the bottom of the pile even as a London trainee.


Beautiful life

Lucky DLA staff! At DWF you get paid you current salary wherever you are in the the world.

Which works out at £8.00 per hour – it wouldn’t be so bad but that’s at Senior Associate level, in London and before tax.

I can’t wait to smash my bonus – you get a £25 card for Starbucks, a free Nando’s meal and a pat on the back.




You got a bonus???!!!

I’ve heard of those.



Top bantz



Do Irwin Mitchell off international secondments? Just asking for a friend.


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